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1 down, 5,999,999 liars left to go.

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If I were to become the president, my first priority wouldn't be building the fucking wall; it would be building the gas chambers and lining up the jews. Building the wall would be second priority.

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You've got my vote.

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6 Gazillions

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5.999 x 10 ^ 23

Get it right

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is that about a mole of jews?

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Jews can't math. 1 + 2 = my sheckles. 5 + 6 = my sheckles. 6 - 30 = you owe me 39 sheckles.

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Top tier comment.

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Holocaust was fake, got it.

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Seriously though. When the only evidence for the Holocaust in the first place hinges upon eye-witness testimonies, and one-by-one these testimonies are outed as fake, what remains but a blatant fabrication?

The term "holocaust" was not even used to describe WWII in any way until the 70s. Find me a reference in literature prior to 1970 that refers to WWII specifically.

And the fact that all of the death camps happened to be in territory that the Soviets ended up occupying after the war, that not a single camp the Allies inspected could have possibly been a death camp?

And the fact that initial numbers for Auschwitz in terms of Jewish deaths were around 4.5 million, which over the years reduced to less than one million, and yet the 6 million figure never changed?

And the Leuchter Report? And David Cole's documentary?

And the lack of a single formal order from Hitler stating anything about exterminating the Jews (or anyone!) despite the fact that the Allies seized millions of documents from the Nazis after the war?

There are too many inconsistencies, too many coincidences, and not enough actual evidence to possibly make an argument that the holocaust narrative is correct.

And yet everyone believes it.

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The holocaust never happened.

But it should've.

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wait what's the significance of the camps only being in soviet controlled land after the war? What does that imply about the camps and the soviets?

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The term 'holocaust of 6 million jews' was used as early as 1936 (pre-WW2) from the New York Times.


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There you go you stupid Moldovan.

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There are so many of these. A few years ago I never would have thought I'd think the holocaust was massively exaggerated.

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Did the nazi's kill large numbers of innocent people? Yes. Do other govts kill large numbers of innocent people? Yes. The real question is - scale. Stalin and Mao make Hitler look like small potatoes. The "final solution" and the "6mil dead" fall apart under close examination. Most of the hitler camp deaths were due to lack of supplies while loosing a war. I honestly can't imagine even 1mil dead in the camps, there just wasn't enough time (in my opinion). Mao and Stalin had much more time to round people up and they weren't facing the US army while they were trying to do it.

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innocent people

Lol sure thing bud. The Jews in Germany stabbed Germany in the back in a dozen of the worst betrayals in the last 100 years.

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Fact: All govts kill innocent people

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Mao and Stalin had much more time to round people up and they weren't facing the US army while they were trying to do it.

It's significant that neither Stalin nor Mao used poison gas to mass murder the people they killed. Their preferred method was a bullet to the head. Why? Because it's cheaper and easier.

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I'm not sorry to inform you that "black book of communism" is atrocity propaganda too, and authors admitted that they faked death numbers. You know, cold war hate, oligarchs protecting their asses from the commies wanting to take them down, etc. the same thing you present.

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At least it's legal to discuss it. Amazing how the holohoax is the only event in world history that's illegal to question or debate. Every ridiculous claim must be accepted 100%, by law.

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Never heard of it. Are you attempting to defend the Bolsheviks?

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Those of us who are paying attention have seen this same pattern repeated over and over and over. This man didn't intend any wrong. He assumed he was merely reinforcing the truth of the Holocaust, so by lying, in his own mind he was not doing harm. The trouble is, the accepted events of the Holocaust mythology are not true -- they are distortions, exaggerations, or outright falsehoods. This man contributed to the great hoax that is the Holocaust. It really makes you wonder how many other famous, often repeated stories of the so-called Holocaust are complete fabrications.

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Oh in his mind he knows what he did was very, very wrong. He is simply trying to evade US courts.

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Oh this is the right mother fucker to ping on this thread.

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Was just about to ping @crensch. Look, another "real in my mind" event.

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Typical Jew. So if it's a lie why is it a criminal offence to deny it?

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You know how if you get accused of something over and over you eventually snap and say " I wish I would have done it cause then it would be worth all this bitching"? Well, I wish the holocaust really had happened.

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