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There are real and fake factions who do the conservative view of MAGA damage. Extremists of any flavor rarely benefit the just values being sought by the larger group of supporters.

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I only hope we don't lose faith in "don't punch right". We're all in this together.

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And in the end, the Second protects the First.

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That was the point of the rally and you see how that was met: The governor calling in the state police and National Guard to crush the rally in defiance of a federal court order.

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We're all in this together.

That's not really the case.

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You cant MAGA with non-whites.

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If these rallies don't swing to "anti commie" or "anti globalist" you're playing right into their hands.

Same goes for the right demonstrations in Europe.

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This. Exposing "globalist" and "commie" (2 Jew proxy words) plans is directly naming the Jew without making the Jew.

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Only the BOLD understand this.

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First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win.

The snowball keeps picking up mass and speed.

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blacks commit 70% of gun crime. Black on white crime is 25x the reverse. Black on white rape is 1000x the reverse. Blacks are the real racists.

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It's not racism, negros are equal opportunity rapists and murderers.

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Also, arsonists and thieves.

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Right is Might.

Unless you're willing to fight for your rights, you don't have them.

Antifa is willing to kill police and civilians and so they get special treatment from police. It's as simple as that.

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Bullshit, antifa gets special treatment because they are leftist funded by billionaires and the MSM gives them cover.

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It's the same thing ultimately. The globalist billionaires took over the government through financial and physical terrorism using the Irish, Jewish, and Italian organized crime families.

The Clintons are not the first group to kill all their enemies to get into politics.

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Exactly. Though I understand the nihilism, let's not pull any more Dylan Roofs or James Alex Fields. We are not Jihadis.

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Nobody likes antifa. Just people dislike white supremacists more.

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Oh, and also: Wake up right-wingers! The police are not your friends. Today's events demonstrated that clearly. Stop worshiping the pigs.

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Police only enforce the law, they don't enforce the law based on their personally beliefs. That bullshit corruption is left up to politicians. PIGS? What, are you like a 70 year old stoner leftover from the 60's?

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Have you no nobility?

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Nope. I'm not a conservative.

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We aren't "supremacists", please wake up America!

"I don't know about supreme, but we're pretty awesome."

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youre telling the wrong people this. we already know. tell someone who might need telling.

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