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Go get 'em tiger!

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you know what's funny? I've never once heard of a Rothschild being assassinated. As long as they've been around, as rich and powerful as they are, you'd think there'd at least be a Lindbergh Baby type ransom, but no, nothing.

Unless I'm just uninformed, in which case someone enlighten me, because I would love to hear about a Rothschild getting the Trotsky treatment.

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rothschilds work exclusively through their pawns(like soros) and keep a low profile

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There was an instance, I believe where they didn't have an heir available to take over a country's bank when one of them died, so they shut it down and just went out of business in that country.

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Take some initiative....

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I think you may be correct.


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of course they control him. they mentored him in all they know. they control insurance companies, big pharma, the media, motion pictures, the banks, multiple military are at their beck and call. our irs. what don't they control.

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what don't they control.

that's the trillion dollar question

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Iran, Syria, North Korea.

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They don't control our minds. They very much wish they did, but they are not quite to that level yet. They are not all-powerful. They realize that their control of the world is hanging on by a thin thread and are becoming more desperate by the second. (Signified by all the strange happenings recently) Remember, our children and grandchildren don't have to live in a world controlled by (((them))).

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its sad that this passes as controversial in this day and age tbh

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Of course it does. They control the media so they control the narrative.

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To be honrst, the support they get is just as evil as they are.

They're no different than a country sending an army. You win the war by killing their army but you can't leave the enemy's leaders in office. We've been doing that for a few hundred years.

Skip the war and remove the leaders. That's the only thing to do. No country in the world is ever going to arrest them though. You'd need a team of brilliant mercenaries, and I don't see that happening.

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Don't worry boys, I'll stop them. I got this!

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hahaha i like your handle! hahahahaha

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Haha thanks <3

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The hero we deserve

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It was all already explained back in 1967. Why don't people know about this?

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