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cuck, cuck, noose

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Fucking great!

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Wow is fhe governor a beta-cuck just like the leadership at mizzou???

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Rules for thee, but not for me.

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Blacks aren't held to the same standards as everyone else.

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We had to lower the bar a couple meters to accommodate them.

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Dafuq, he was the Vice Mayor and dressed like that? I had to go home and change because I wore a Dr. Pepper shirt to my convenience store clerk job when I was a teen. I mean, really now....

And thanks for the link shares. Much appreciated.

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Dude, I work in a professional office where management wears suits and ties ... well, except for the nogs. There's one who is a department leader and he wears jeans and football jerseys to work every day. Yeah, he got the job because his boss is a nog too.

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After looking at the pictures, I'm not so sure.

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You would think after a while it wouldn't be surprising. Put a crown and cape on a monkey and he'll still just fling his shit at you.

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This is the governor that let out a shit load of niggers from prison to vote for Hillary.

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Oh shit, really? I actually forgot about that... what a p.o.s.

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You have to wonder where these white politicians think their future lies in this country.

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Anyone notice MSNBC lost their shit when Donald Trump discussed patriotism and loving your country. Holy shit, what is wrong with liberals?

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They're deranged, at least by majority it seems.

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So what was said?

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Unfortunately not sure. I couldn't get it to play, same goes for the other live streams. My internet in the area is bunk atm because of fires (one RIGHT down the road from me! :O), somehow that's affected our bandwidth? I don't know. Could be an excuse from our shitty internet company.

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We know who will get the blame.