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This event moved me to finally create an account.

"Protesters" vs "Counter-protesters" language muddies the waters on cable news.

Left & Right are clearly distinct. Extremists on both side, but Left always introduces the violence first.

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I create/delete accounts a lot, but I've been lurking for a few days (mostly so I can filter crap out - don't care about voting). But It's brought me out of hiding too, especially after seeing POL's and GLP's threads about this, especially after seeing how calm the dude was after the hit (POL's driver img).

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you know i always want to be the devils advocate and when i read "Extremists on both side, but Left always introduces the violence first." i wanted to refute that. however considering how much the left is in control of the media and how they would villainize any one on the right who would commit violence, it becomes unfortunately obvious the left literally are the only ones to commit violence. it pisses me off i like to stir shit up when it comes to any issue by providing a different point of view based off of various facts. but this stupid shit does not allow me because i simply cannot find an instance where right wing people actually attack ppl. its always the god damned "everyone is equal except conservatives" liberals.

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Dude is a leftist though right?

Or do we assign guilt based on "whose" event violence occurs at?

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Yes we blindly assign guilt based on our biased opinions. Only we are right. Everyone else is wrong. Black and white. Cats and dogs.

My lack of intelligence prohibits any other way of thinking.

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The individual originally thought to be responsible sold his car weeks earlier, the real subject is in custody right now.

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You may be right OP: latest from 8chan

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The guy driving the car in that pic doesn't look like some panicked kid.

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Nope. He looks like he's got experience ramming cars into things.

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While I fully support ramming a car through a crowd if the crowd becomes hostile to you, I DO find it suspicious that it was a black man who was operating the vehicle. I have to wait for more info to come out before I make up my mind on this one.

EDIT: I am now hearing the driver was NOT a black man, but a crazed leftist.

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Wasn't black apparently

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I don't know what the official story is, but I think they are muddying the information with stories about him being a black man, a leftist...; everything except a white male, which he very well could have been.

I don't want to believe that someone from the right could have done this, but I'm not ruling it out yet either. I'm just very disappointed if it does turn out to be true...

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I haven't gotten an update on it, since I don't want to watch the fake news media, including the boomer cucks' Fox News.

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I would probably just roll up my windows but to each his own.

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How much do you want to bet kikes like george soros are behind stuff like this? I was thinking earlier back to events like v-tech and that one nigger who shot up the military base a few years back, that maybe those people in one shape or another have ties with soros etc. They (soros, kikes and leftists terrorists) need to be burnt to a crisp.

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Of course it was! The establishment fears the day of the pitchforks! Today could have been the catalyst for that day. So they did what they could to shut it down before it gets too obvious how much support there is for the sane side of this whole cultural marxism exercise.

We must try again

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There's a better way to handle antifa protesters.

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Blacked-out tinted windows so nobody could see the driver, and Fox news is calling it a collaborated attack.

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what's the source of those two pics?

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The news has no fucking clue what is going on. We know this for sure.

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Under Communism, the individual has no rights, everything is done for the good of the Collective. They will sacrifice a few of their own for the sake of The Party.

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Shit he ruined a perfectly boss car...what a dumb ass.

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boss car until it breaks like glass

yes i am a chevy fanboy

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