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people were beaten and killed during the election by antifa. All that will now be memory holed over this single 10 second action

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People are brainwashed by a few prominent ideas. The media obviously, the other is marxism or cultural marxism.

Marxism/communism is being spread through out the western world, it disallows, brainwashes people seeing anything logically or factually, but rather obsesses on oppressor versus the oppressed. The source of much of this relates to marxists teachers all over the USA in colleges in womens and ethnic studies. The focus is ultimately to kill/strip power (oppressor) and install a marxist communist dictatorship. Which group is the most powerful in the majority of western nations? White men.

Anyone you hear about 'sjw' types, peta, healthy at any orbit, black lives matters, feminism, sexism, racism, tranny/gay rights and so on, this is marxism. Brainwashed by jewish marxists.

So when a white man does -anything- really, but ESPECIALLY anything that really asserts power or dominance and certainly in anything less than (I genuinely mean less than) an extremely vicious way, it's automatically evil because white men are the ultimate oppressor to them, they believe white men should be killed, ultimately this is the will of the jews. They want to destroy europe and all europeons to bring on some crazy anti-christ prophesy.

https://youtu.be/wLoG9zBvvLQ Defines marxism so much better.

This is a big deal ultimately. But it might be small beans compared to understanding things like the banking system, federal reserve, the US government and the military industrial complex. We are slaves, almost all humans on Earth, federal income tax = slavery. These are the things you should be paying attention to, jews will keep on enslaving you, jews will keep on brainwashing people against you and using the media to their will.

Last but not least, many think Trump is their savior. He is at best an absolute jew lover, at worst a jew himself.

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People are brainwashed by a few prominent ideas

You think you're immune?

[T]he task of abolishing the essence of Jewry is in truth the task of abolishing Jewry in civil society, abolishing the inhumanity of today's practice of life, the summit of which is the money system.

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But it might be small beans compared to understanding things like the banking system, federal reserve, the US government and the military industrial complex.

Banking System: Makes no sense. The idea behind banking is that a bank is legally not obliged to hold its total values of assets on hand. Rather it can phone another bank when the going gets rough. This concept would have been considered asinine not even 50 years ago, but now its become an accepted fact. Banks rountinely overdraft customers, but try closing an account down, and they will drag their feet for up to 90 days before giving you back the account balance. Also lots of banks will keep the account dormant, so they can rack fees onto it(PNC does this for a 30 day dormancy cycle after an account is closed, making them complete liars when they say they "closed" your account).

federal reserve: One of the most political financial systems which is also not owned by the govt. Similar to how the RIAA, touting itself as a music advocacy group, does not allow musicians to join. They routinely cut slack when Obama was in office, keeping rates low. As soon as Trump comes in though, we can raise the rates 4 times a year. These people will happily implode the US economy if it means they maintain their power over people. They don't want to get audited, and no one has a fucking clue what they are doing.

The big problem is the economy is so shitty still, making the perfect environment to embrace socialism. If you think about it, socialism is an ideology of despair and greed. When you have nothing left, what do you care if someone else pays more? When you make 15-20K, why do you care if the guy making 4x what you make pays 10% more in taxes? I tried explaining to my wife one day that even though the rich and poor pay taxes, they both get harmed by high tax rates. Her first reaction, was rich people can handle it. As if having more money means that its A-ok for other people to steal it from you. Sadly socialism looks like its here to stay, most young people in college can not think past a socialist, kumbaya mindset.

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MSNBC's coverage has been absolutely disgraceful. They're not even hiding their agenda now.

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Hopefully, they get the fake news label plastered all over them next. CNN has been taking too much of the fake news label blast.

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Yup, then you have leftist politicians like Bernie and Bill Clinton tweeting that this is "white supremacists" to rile up their useful idiots even more.

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I can't decide if MSNBC or CNN is the worst these days.

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At least CNN pretends to be impartial. MSNBC is basically the Huffington Post now. They're not even hiding their bias now.

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The left is using really stupid smear tactics. White supremacists is anyone that wants to keep their country intact. Nazi, white supremacists, fascists, blah blah blah. They're pissing off more people with their lame stupidity. It was called Unite the Right, so it should have included, American Blacks, American Chinese, American Hispanics, everyone that has decided the global commie plan and the destabilizing of America through attacks on the POTUS is going to stop.

The organizers should be reaching out to those people and using them just like the left uses the mentally ill. Putting them on camera all the fucking time.

Trump better figure out someway to deal with Soros and his army. Waiting for the most hated man on earth to die is a really bad plan.

You need to call yourselves ANTI-COMMIES if you want to reach the average lefty.

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Soros is a low level Lieutenant. He is designed to be the 'fall guy', all while the Rothschild's continue to pull the strings.

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Look at the Ford Foundation for the nest of vipers.

Taking down Soros would set them back hugely. They'd have to see that all their money doesn't make them invulnerable. The entire point of the United States was that Mr and Mrs Money Bags is subject to the same laws and the same code of conduct and they most definitely are not.

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Oh man, the Rothschilds.

As long as they're around the world will be fucked.

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I agree but one of the organizers for that march was a black guy named Terry who moderates The_Donald

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Cool. They need to emphasize that more to force the left to recognize that there are blacks & non whites that think for themselves and aren't up with islamic communism.

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You're right: BLM, Antifa, and the political Left can fuck shit up, cause property damage, attack people, firebomb political opponents' headquarters, etc. but that's apparently nothing compared to one death at a white nationalist rally.

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It's three now?

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The double standard is fucking insane. Fuck antifa.

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When the left's choosen groups riot its called peaceful protest but when people on the right march and chant its called terrorism.

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MSNBC is fucking hilarious. Trump came on TV and condemned the marchers in Virginia today. Their commentators are now saying Trump is supporting them and pulling stuff out of their butt to back up their claims, picking apart his speech. They seemed to take offense, actually, they always do, whenever anyone expresses patriotism or support for America.

That's fucked up, but that's liberals for you.

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Larping Christcucks please an hero

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How about you go fuck yourself, you filthy heathen?

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