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Good luck! Lots of naysayers, but hopefully you're a good man and you picked the right woman.

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Good luck when the sex ends and she takes you in the frivorce!

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Congratulations. May it be your only time doing this.

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Grats mane. What's his name?

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Chester Podesta but he is in jail right now.

OP is a faggot felon fucker. I'm sure it will work out long term.

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Voat is a weird beast. Lots of comments praising traditional marriage but when a goat say they're getting marriage the comments seem to err on the side of not getting married (even if in jest)

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Marriage in the current environment is very risky, so it's like eating puffer fish; delicious but it might be deadly.

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Make European babies! As many as your loins can muster! Congratulations

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Marriage is sometimes difficult, but easily is the most rewarding and fun adventure you will ever have. Best wishes today!

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Blessings. Slow down on voat & spend time with your wife!

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