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google "European people history" and click image results

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When you type in 'Worst Islamic crimes' into various search engines it brings you to articles about Islamophobia and Anti-Muslim hate crimes. Not terror attacks.

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The worse it gets, the more it transforms itself into redpills.

Oddly, we should thank them for making it easier to wake people up. People are dumb, but not that dumb.

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onds are the islamophobia and anit-musllim sites are talking about those terror attacks as crimes so the results are rather valid.

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you got a bunch of results for "African European people history" odds are the results you want would be better found by looking at a country instead of a continent though you will still run in to the problem that most whites would only list their home once and not bother with race but blacks tend to be listed as African European for race and then European as residence, thus European get said twice as much making it a better search result.

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Well, Trump never said it, but it is true.

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We all know niggers are lazy, google can't change a universal law.

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Fact checked by snopes?

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I would suggest ddg.gg (duckduckgo.com)

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I've been using duckduckgo.com, and its pretty good. Google is fucking controlled propaganda at this point. You can't search the Internet with it, you can only search for their approved content. Anything else is hosed or depreciated in their results.

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You can't search the Internet with it, you can only search for their approved content.

This is exactly correct and more people should be aware of this . . .

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DuckDuckGo is beginning to go down the same path of selected "news" articles that Google went down.

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Oy Vey, filthy goyim! You'd better marry a Jewess or you'll get left behind! We need to shore up genetic security for the worldwide ruling class of intellectual elites. If whites persist as the majority in all major western countries, our new world order will always face the constant threat of an insurrection by able-minded/bodied citizens. Without you inter-breeding with us, we'll suffer through more maple syrup urine disease until our inbreeding eventually catches up with us again. The chutzpah on you for exposing our plan!!!







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according to google whites are bad and niggers age good.

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Let me fulfill your wish. There was a story on voat today about a nog falling asleep while he was committing an armed robbery. Doesn't get any lazier than that.

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