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For each worker you import it's one more competitor on the local market

Jobs aren't available in infinite number, and no, not all foreign workers are entrpreneur willing to hire even 1 local, let alone 10

And that's when the foreigner doesn't end up him and his family on .gov dole right away or after a while


The more your economy is mutualized/"socialized", as in the case of france for instance, the less you can afford open borders

The more the economy is liberalized, as in, every man for himself, the more you can

That said, I'm only talking economics here, the worst part comes with citizenship... Jus soli is a fucken aberration for instance, especially, again, in the case of france

Those are french territories outside of france:


I mean look at that, look at mayotte


Right next to fucking mozambic, all you have to do is, lay an egg there and it's french, and of course, medical care free of charge because muh principle, muhman rights


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Holy shit. Can anyone weight in on this? Link (Archive)

Late 1990s:

  • White European Canadians were a 90%+ majority until the 2000s and Canada was conservative, no LGBTQ+ bullshit
  • All of a sudden, start seeing Africans, Muslims, Pakis, Chinks, etc everywhere
  • Multiculturalism expands to hyper levels, every school/university/work place/government agency starts ramming diversity down our throats
  • Wages start decreasing

Fast Forward 2017

  • Toronto 30% white
  • Vancouver <40% white
  • Syrian Refugees 24/7 on TV/news
  • White people can't find work, it's all non-whites getting jobs
  • Average house price is $1M+ while salaries are 30-40K max
  • Refugees driving BMW and Mercedes
  • Universities have non-white majorities
  • White Europeans down to 65-68%
  • Whites will be <50% by 2027
  • Nobody really knows why this is happening so fast, government always touts (((200-300k))) immigration number
  • But nobody has ever heard of a white person immigrating in the last 20 years


  • Turns out Canada is letting in 800K via various immigration schemes not publicized
  • Canada lets in 1.2M a year on "temporary immigration" (10 year work visas that aren't even counted in public statistics)
  • Secret GBA+ (Gender Based Analysis Plus) program is forced down every government decision maker including immigration officers to eliminate straight whites
  • 98% of immigrants are poor non-whites
  • Turns out there is a secret organization called the Metropolis Project, holds an annual conference of 1,000+ government bureaucrats with the sole objective of letting in as many poor non-white migrants a year
  • Turns out this organization started in 1998, around the time of the change
  • Turns out George Soros started and funded the Metropolis Project through his Open Societies Foundation
  • Government passed M-103 anti-Islamophobia motion, setting road to criminalize any criticism of migration policy
  • July 26, 2017: Government begins with mass arrests Islamophobia/Hate speech, starting with Kevin Johnston for criticizing M103 and Muslim terrorist MP

You are here.


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I visited Canada for the first time recently (Calgary) from the United States and needless to say I was shocked. It was seriously difficult to find a white person while walking around in the city. I went to the local park and to my horror, nearly half of the little girls were dressed in hijab. Every group just stuck to themselves and so you'd see big Arab groups, big Filipino groups, big Chinese groups, but of course none of these groups ever interact with each other. It was the most bizarre social experiment I've ever seen. I'm convinced white people will be completely eliminated from Canada within about 100 years.

For the first time it made complete sense to me why so many Canadians I see online hate America + Trump, it's because Canada is all foreigners!


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Nah lots of those are just smug white liberals who are perfectly happy to destroy their own country as long as they can virtue signal as they go down with the ship.


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As a Canadian that is fairly accurate but I have not heard of the Metropolis project. There have been some whites immigrating but probably less than 10% in my opinion. There have been quite a few setbacks to their plan, the last PM (concervative) got rid of gun registration, a lot of talk about the west separating and Trudeau is pretty much the most hated man in Canada right now.


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Obama was a real shitter, but he was probably the better choice seeing how fucking insane WW3 John McTumor is.

And despite all of Obama's fault, he was pretty subtle with his SJW pandering. Your PM is a full blown SJW who goes to mosque and shit. Like holy fuck. Canada you guys are as done as a nation. I can't believe I will get to live to see the fall of Canada, Germany, Sweden and France in my lifetime.

Well looks like i'll be taking vacations to non-muslim nations like Poland and Japan instead.


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Looks legit. I left in 92. I'm a tourist now. A minority. I left for Asia.


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The Canadian gov says 250 000 foreign workers yearly and it's Suppose to be to fill chronic shortage. Only 75 000 actuallyvfill chronic shortage so the rest is used to drive down wages?

Now I find out that there is 10 year program for foreign workers with full working privileges under the 10 year 'open' program. WTF


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Wow are the megacorps short sighted, who's going to buy thier shit products when no one has money, because they don't pay them.


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The emerging Chinese middle and upper class can buy shit tier Canadian goods made by the multiracial multiethnic non-gender binary children who identify as adults.


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Canada electing Trudeau was like finding a cousin who slit his wrists in the bathtub. Fucking depressing.

We can only hope that Trudeau like Obama has a backlash effect and millions of northern Saxons begin to hate.


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oy vey its the muslims fault that western governments are letting in so many (((immigrants))) goys!



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Exactly. I've had colleagues say to me while discussing this open borders and unchecked immigration topic "well the Europeans did it to the native Americans now it's our turn duh", to which my answer was that i dont recall history books mentioning that the tribe leaders offered their daughters up for rape, nor that they encouraged the invaders!


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Youre not wrong but in this situation theyre absolutely working together. The Israelis and the Saudis are on the same page on this one.


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FYI a lot of the white Canadians that are still middle class (like myself) are actively involved in running / maintaining infrastructure. Because that is what we do we make shit work and keep it working. Nowadays that means keeping and maintaining a security clearance because critical infrastructure and terrorism. I get one strike against me and I lose my security clearance and basically my life. I will be competing with the hordes for a job as a Walmart greeter.

That means no protests, no pushback keep your head down or get destroyed. A single cop having a bad day can destroy me and my family with a ticket.

You wonder why Canadians take all this lying down we literally have a gun pointed at our head. First offence cops might as well shoot me.


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Leave while you can. There will be nothing but death camps to retire to.


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Trudeau has destructed the nation completely in his one term. He is in extreme danger whenever he leaves his house. He is utterly detested. It is two years to the next election and elections Canada is suspected of being compromised. If they claim his party wins the next election, I'm convinced Canada will become Venezuela over night. Oh and no one ever mentions it but there are a lot of guns in Canada. The military detest him.

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