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And there is precisely the damn catalyst that set this all off. Women don't want "unconditional love", because it shows weakness. It tells her, "It doesn't matter what you do to me, no matter how heinous of actions and no matter how evil you may become, I will still always want you by my side..." the unspoken implication being, "...because I don't think I can do any better."


Reserve your unconditional love for yourself and god, alone. Nobody else deserves such a thing; everything else comes second. Even your wife and children, while almost indistinguishably close, should not be the same thing. That doesn't mean be an asshole, or a selfish cunt. You could be the nicest person in the world, without giving your unconditional love to those around you, and fare a million times better in life, than that faggot.

You're right about the blue-pill social engineering, though. Holy shit. I felt like the guy from They Live, after removing all social media from my life*. It was very close to the same experience I had while quitting cigarettes, in hindsight. Once that wore off, though, you notice things. People really are zombies, these days.

Everywhere you look, countless masses just staring at the tiny little mind-controllers in their palms: mouth agape, disassociated from their surroundings— sedated, almost as if in an opiate-like trance. If you interrupt one of them, mid thought, they shudder and stare blankly, for a second, as if in a manic state of frenzied introspection— trying to make sense of the situation or even interpret the context of what they've been suddenly awoken to.

And none of it is any good. It's all propaganda and social-engineered "information streams" to paint a picture over your life and make you think that things are one way, when really it's all just literal brainwashing and lies. Almost 99% of it. Like one giant fucking planetary-scale "Monarch Project". Stay away from that shit if you want to retain even a shred of your manhood.

*I don't think of voat as social media; to me it's just a news/meme aggregator with a comment section. You know, just an inb4, "muh internet is social media".


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*I don't think of voat as social media

I think of Voat as anti-social media


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Plus a million.... I don't ever get on social media accounts and I often don't have my phone on me for good reason... just like Warren Buffett, it pays to be a real human - we miss out on so much happening around us on a micro-level hence the phrase "don't forget to stop and smell the roses" and then one day we blink, we're 90 years old and we regret we didn't stop more often to smell the roses. The Neuro-linguistic Programming and passive programming has gone to new heights when it comes to (un)social apps. Fuck Zuckerberg, that CIA piece of excrement... he wants nothing more than to have everyone on one of his Oculus VR sets for the rest of their lives living an alter reality with adverts giving all sorts of virtue signalling and SJW BS while faggots kneel down during the national anthem on live tv and other ESPN analysts call them brave. I'm a pretty introverted person and will stay away from groupthink apps that the rest of society so readily dons b/c it changes your natural character and forces everyone to be similar, to wear similar clothing, and to agree with each other through consensus building and "likes".

I know relationships, family, and friends are all important but this idea of merging our lives into one giant social app cluster fuck is really annoying when every 5 secs my friend says "did you see this on snapchat yet"... fuck society sometimes.


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That first paragraph read like a excerpt from Anton LaVey