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Because man...Every guy who isn't a pyschopath at one point is a charlie faggot. And telling a charlie faggot "It's ok man take your time" Aint gunna help ya get through charlie faggotry...

PITY is the worste gift you can EVER give to anyone. Now...You can give em some understanding. And maybe ya do that...if it was a NORMAL girl and aNORMAL breakup but even then at some point it becomes. "Buck it up buttercup lets go fucking drink and you mention Tina im gunna punch you in the chest."

Every dude gets his fucking heart wrecked...And it better only be once. After that it's you vrs the world man you bring some chick along great...But always remember "I can handle this shit by my damn self if need be."

BUT...He dated ho...I take that back.Ho's got more respect and love for men than this sick evil cunt. They provide a vital service to society. This bitch will only brighten the world the day she takes her darkness 6 feet under. And good fuckin riddance on that day.

So no "mourning period" no "understanding" it's "Ya got rolled faggot. Stop being a little bitch and come drink. Oh and either get laid within 30 days or go see a hooker or something jeezus christ.