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Also the fact that she admits that one of Jon's pet-names for her was "his jewbaby".

And the fact that she has a history of sleeping around and cheating on him, and seems to outright relish in the sheer broken nature of Jon's mind post-breakup, even though she also knows he would never cheat on anyone or hurt anyone. That right there is psychopathic/sociopathic behavior, which stereotypically seems to be very common in the Jewish community.


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There are a lot of diseases that affects the brain that jews get in way higher frequencies compared to other groups of people. I think this has a lot to do with why so many jews are psychopaths and can engage in unimaginable crimes.


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Like how many of the old European royal families inbred so much that they regularly had kids with severe mental development problems, or how one way that some Western media is now trying to mainstream all Muslim culture is by mentioning how "one group of people in the Middle East who inbreed extensively have a specific gene that makes them less likely to get [one rare form of cancer] which has spread rapidly throughout their community due to the inbreeding, so in conclusion, it is actually healthier to fuck your cousin than to stay outside of the family".

It makes me wonder how much of the Old Testament (since we know that a big chunk of Christianity is built off of Judaism, even if it isn't a perfect copy-paste translation between the two groups) was written by brain-damaged Jews trying to make themselves sound better or describe the hallucinations they've been regularly seeing.