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This setback may well be the making of him. Sure, he'll have to work a little harder at it, but this is the shit that lights a fire under you.


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Can confirm. I was fired in that crucible myself decades ago. It's a bitch but you come out a man. Least I and ^^^ did. Your results may vary.


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Can also confirm, my woman occasionally likes to try to be cruel. But I have become the master, when she starts shit with me, she is the one that is crying and heartbroken in the end. She eventually apologizes and things are good again until next time I have to put her in her place.


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Two best things that can happen to me in the girl world is 1. Get a new girlfriend. Makes you feel like the shit, incoming boost of testosterone and confidence, makes you magnetic without really adding to your deeper strength. 2. Have a girl brutally break up with me. In the deep looming depression and hopelessness is a realization that I am utterly alone in this world and if I want my life to be better I can count on no one but me. Realization ushers in new golden age in my self development. Usually pick up a new extremely difficult and badass hobby. Pour my soul into that and inner reflections and in 6 -12 months I get an even hotter girlfriend.

Like fucking clockwork fellas. Happens every time.


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Seems like you've got a cycle. Ever think about getting out?


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Literally this happened to me. Except I broke up with her and broke my own heart because I knew it was the smartest choice. Still killed me for months until I found the girl I am going to marry.. The girl I was really looking for and why I dumped my ex to begin with. Follow your brain men, not your "heart".