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It is the Nose right?


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Being morally broken is the biggest giveaway, but that too.


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Also the fact that she admits that one of Jon's pet-names for her was "his jewbaby".

And the fact that she has a history of sleeping around and cheating on him, and seems to outright relish in the sheer broken nature of Jon's mind post-breakup, even though she also knows he would never cheat on anyone or hurt anyone. That right there is psychopathic/sociopathic behavior, which stereotypically seems to be very common in the Jewish community.


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There are a lot of diseases that affects the brain that jews get in way higher frequencies compared to other groups of people. I think this has a lot to do with why so many jews are psychopaths and can engage in unimaginable crimes.


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To quote one of my favourite songs "... and kikes with noses as long as your arm!"