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So we aren't allowed to have stuff without black people in it? Black people have to be in everything?


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And gays.


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And trannies. And feminists. And fat people. And stamp collectors. And Dungeons and Dragons players. And Linux fans. And foot fetishists. And boring bureaucrats. And anyone who could ever complain that they were discriminated against.


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Yeah... this really bugs me. I'll admit it I was a fan of the walking dead. I liked the comic and then I got into the show.

But them riding the diversity train so hard really got on my nerves and it broke the story for me. The fact is that the largest population in the US are white people. Therefore most of the survivors would likely to be white. But here again about 1% of the population are homosexual. If only one percent of the population is homosexual then why are gay people about 10-15 percent of the survivors?

I mean I get it a few black people and hispanic people and asians and stuff would survive too. But hell the gays even outnumber the hispanics on the show.

So when they started gaying out all the characters I quit.


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That is truly how they feel. Cultural marxist post modernism. It's absolutely worth deeply understanding.

Jordan Peterson also did a bit with Joe Rogan, I've not watched much of it yet, but it's pretty great so far.

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Now that you mention it I prefer my kung fu movies to be knight free!

I think you are right about the narcissism. This seems to be the one overwhelming distrusted trait that is hammering at our civilization. The narcissism of some of our compatriots is putting us all in danger. The good news is that narcissism is a vice and behavior that only works in times of plenty. When things start to get bad a lot of the narcs will fail and kill themselves. Or y'know.. Learn better. But I never bet on that one.