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As long as Big Bang Theory is still on the air nothing can be more over-rated.

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I can't stand that show. I have yet to meet an actual nerd who likes it.

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I have heard it explained that Seinfeld is a show about stupid people for smart people whereas Big Bang Theory is a show about smart people for stupid people.

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They started off intelligent, an actual show that smart people would find funny.. then decided tits and making fun of nerds made more money.

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I once ended a relationship (among other reasons) because a girl said "you'd really like big bang theory" to me. That's the fastest I've ever come to the conclusion that someone truly knew nothing about me. It might have even been forgivable, but I had known this person for years.

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When my previously red-pilled friend decided to take a blue pill I knew it was getting really bad when he told me not long ago "I only watch SMART comedy like Big Band Theory"

liberalism, not even once. Dude used to be a conservative proud of his German heritage and now he's a cuck. Sad, we dont talk anymore either.

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Rarely has a comment more belonged to be at the top.

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Can a nerd comedy for nerds exist? I have better things to do than watch silly TV shows and I doubt in the only nerd that thinks such.

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I see people bitching about plot holes who clearly were not paying enough attention to follow the fucking plot. For instance it was clearly stated that Stanis abandoned the keep when he went north.

Cersei is supposed to somehow shit a new garrison and BOATS THAT SHE DOESNT HAVE or food that they do not have, there is even a whole scene on the side with Lannister men discussing how horrible kings landing is right now... but you fuckin momos complain about an abandoned keep like they didnt explain it with no less than 3 seperate scenes.

I dont give a fuck if ya dont like it but at least be reasonably accurate in criticism or keep your ignorance to yourself.

Literally every plot hole mentioned in this thread doesnt exist.

With regards to it being sjw trash... yeah sure it is for them that is why they protest it all the time.

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I could go full nerd and tell you why you're retarded and must not be actually paying attention to the show, but I've come to realize that the majority of people who hate on the show don't actually give a fuck. Not sure if it's a desire to be different or edgy by disliking something a lot of others like, but I constantly see half-baked posts like these all over the internet. Even though it's a grossly simplified version of the books, there are still people who can't follow along and make posts like this.

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It's the same losers who claim all tv shows suck and sports are for retards yet they live stream neets playing video games 24/7.

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gotta watch them speed runs of 20+ year old games.

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Not follow along? The whole time I was thinking instead of actual story (Besides Clegane and to a lesser extent Jon's turmoil) it felt like the show writers were making a "tribute" to the characters instead of writing an actual story.

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There are different artistic elements and yes I agree it was a 'tribute' but there is a reason for this because the characters are finally converging. Dany showing back up home (it's a big deal no need for dialogue). Episode 1 of any series is usually always lacking in certain story writing elements, it is setting up the Season for biggger writing archs.

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You're wrong. The fact that you call yourself a nerd and still like GoT is proof that you have no idea what a good plotline is, or what good writing looks like. GoT is hot fucking garbage and by liking it you're just trying to act cool like the rest of the normies, or you're honestly too stupid to realize why it's shit. But I guess I'm just "edgy" for calling out shit writing.

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Come on... "Hold the door!" was the most retarded thing ever.

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Having followed the books for years, I enjoyed that scene. I guess I can understand why some would view it as cringy, but I honestly enjoyed it.

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But why?

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Never seen it...

[–] 3dk 1 points 2 points (+3|-1) ago 

The more episodes there are, the less I feel like watching. It would take around 65 hours to watch everything so far. That's simply too much of a time commitment.

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I thought it was game of thongs. Only saw a few scenes though. Not into soft core porn.

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Same, ain't got time for that television shit. I have fun things to do in real life instead.

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like commenting on a thread about game of thrones? is this one of the fun activities you enjoy in "real life"?

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I have fun things to do in real life instead.

Like spending your time on the Internet bragging about how you're so busy doing cool shit like bragging on the Internet about all the cool shit you're busy with?


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You are on the wrong side of the wall.

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seasons 1-4 were pretty great. season 5 is where shit started getting weak. didnt see the new episode yet.

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Season 5 sucked because book 5 sucked. Aside from the Dorne plot from the book (I personally don't like it) it was just Dany sitting in the desert brooding.

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With you on that. First few seasons were pretty decent then it went downhill and now feels like they're treading water and drawing things out for ages just to milk more episodes out of it.

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I don't care. I'm watching solely for Cleganebowl 2017.

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What is HYPE can never die.

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The worst thing in this episode was the bit about training girls to fight. It's not the idea that women will fight that pisses me off. Better that than dying. It's that he threw in a line about "no longer having 50% of our people not utilized" I don't remember the exact wording, but the implication was that in the past, they were wrong. In the past, they didn't allow women to fight (because patriarchy, of course). But now, they were correcting that.

[–] Mobbed 1 points 5 points (+6|-1) ago 

I don't buy it. I didn't get that feeling whatsoever from watching it. They're addressing a serious issue that's facing their entire continent. They need to train everyone or they all die. It's the greatest threat they've faced in thousands of years. Jon Snow knows this.

You're really projecting here, I feel this fits with the storyline and isn't some sort of patriarchy bullshit.

[–] AssaultMonkey 1 points -1 points (+0|-1) ago  (edited ago)

It was stupidly done. An army need supply personnel, which is typically the role of non-fighters. In Westeros, this would be the women. The speech would have been better if it went something like "everyone must train to fight, even women, children, and the old who tend the army's supplies... because the Night's King does not care who he kills. All must be ready to fight when the time comes." Instead of the "I'm a girl, don't tell me I can't fight" which seemed a little forced for me.

Edits:I can't type, apparently.

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nobody said anything about the patriarcy, sorry they triggered you with GASP a woman who suggests women should fight too...

ya fuckin weak faggot

[–] middle_path 2 points 3 points (+5|-2) ago 

This isn't the past, this is a fantasy world.

[–] SexMachine 1 points 4 points (+5|-1) ago 

But still, they're trying in social issues from the real world.

"Female soldiers are just as capable as male soldiers."

Which we know isn't true at all.

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Meanwhile, Brienne of Tarth has been a knight swinging a sword for the whole series, but "they" were keeping women down? Made no sense at all.

Also, am I mistaken or did Daenerys and an Armada just land at Dragon Stone completely unopposed at all by Westeros?

I loved the books and the shows, but this last episode left me scratching my head at the plot holes.

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Dragonstone, as in the books and prior episodes, wasn't exactly a wealthy or worthwhile endeavor. It's been described as hard to maintain and largely useless. With all the upheaval it's not too far of a stretch to imagine that it was left abandoned. However with Cersei asking Jaime where Daenerys would be most likely to land and being told Dragonstone; I'm thinking that maybe there's a trap set that we will discover next episode.

I partially agree with you, it felt a bit weird, but they can only fit so much into one episode and I think they did a good job with it overall. We'll see how it progresses.

From what I can tell, the "seven kingdoms" as ruled by Cersei doesn't really have a navy, that's why Cersei was trying to get Euron Greyjoy on her side. She doesn't trust Euron, she needs his navy.

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She landed in an abandoned castle. Stannis owned it, but he died. I guess no one took it in the mean time because Winter is here and maintaining an occupying force takes lots of resources.

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