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What if you're just happy with the life you have and aren't dreaming about a Ferrari, a yacht and a super model?

It could also be argued that if you worked more, you'd make more money. So dedicate 40 hours to a second job. Now you've got 27 hours left and should be taking night school to get that MBA so you can start your own business. Maybe cut down on some sleep and give schooling a good 40 hours a week.

Then when you start your own business you can work 80 hours a week and spend the other 40 networking to increase your business. By the time you're 45 and ready to die of old age, you'll be rich as fuck.

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Up voted you.. U win.

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Either that, or you'll have a complete fucking nervous breakdown.

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Why can't people imagine anyone wanting anything other than to buy stuff? Like making just enough to pay your bills and do what gives you fulfillment, be it wood working, painting, writing or whatever. It only takes money to buy stuff, nothing more. But to make something with your own hands, to create, heck, to beat a video game or to master a craft, all those things seem to me like pretty sensible things to find purpose in. And none of those things require destroying yourself in a crazy rat race to accumulate random shit.

Not everyone wants a Ferrari, I don't know what I'd do with a yacht and a supermodel with you for your wealth is likely to cost you more than you bargained for in the long run. Being poor is fucked up but that doesn't mean we all want to be rich or to sacrifice today's happiness to become rich.

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After a certain point, your money often starts to control you and not the other way around.

Many butlers do not envy their clients for their wealth. There's a reason for that, and it isn't humility or modesty.

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Seriously motherfucker, I put something up on YT I guarantee you that I'm doing a bunch of other stuff at the same time if it's longer that 5 minutes.

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Fuck normies, I bought a golf cart over the weekend and I don't golf. Why did I buy it? Because it fun and there's not internet on it and it's a golf cart.

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I live on around 3.5 acres and golf carts are dope as fuck if you have land.

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I got room to ride! I can't wait to start pimping this thing out with a 6 inch lift, lights, tires/rims, etc. Oh, and a sound bar.

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If I didn't use my 'free time' to actually get some rest then I would be shit at my actual job.

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I watch no TV& little video; I only spend too much time on ..... voat.

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It's one of the things encouraging myself to buy a phone without the internet.

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There are phones without internet?! What is this primitive nonsense?!

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Even at home, I voat a lot on my phone, as I like it's convenience. The good news is that does leave the computer more psychologically linked to work.

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I always wondered. If I pull up a YT video, then walk away for 2 hours while it auto plays video after video, does YT think I've been watching the whole time?

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I used to fall asleep to YouTube every night. They must think I watch like 8 hours of Youtube every day.

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I still fall asleep to YouTube every night. It makes me feel like someone is there with me so I don't get scared of the dark.

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While I can get behind the sentiment that people spend way too much time watching mindless entertainment. The assertion that if they just stopped and spent all their time working they'd be rich is fucking absurd. For starts, that's a great way to get burnt out at whatever you're doing in record time, and if anything is fucking obvious these days, it's that practically fucking no one gets rich by being skilled passionate and working hard at something great for society. Most of them just invested some money in something while doing fuck all actual work, or were just born with a silver spoon in their mouth.

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As someone starting in the govt consultancy business, working hard==less billable hours==less money. Better to work less, fuck around. The world isnt built on the idea of more work == more pay. ITs builts off more need == more pay

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yeah, thats the reason. spoken like someone who works for a living and didnt have shit handed to them. fuck right off with that horse shit.

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