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Supposedly 4chan is experiencing the same sort of issues right now. I theorize that this is an effort to muffle arkancide or something major just happened and we as the new alarm bells are being suppressed.

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Well, there's the Haitian "suicide" murder recently. About to testify against the Clinton machine, dies two days prior. "Suicide", they say.

But I imagine the real thing they're burying is worse. Perhaps Assange's dead man's switch I'm hearing about.

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Assange's dead man's switch


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Meh. Same story as that black guy that was going to testify dying in a "gym accident" last year. ...Ashton? Not sure his name. They are able to sweep it under the rug whenever they feel like it. Time for the Clintons to be put down Wild Wild West style.

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Apparently something was discovered about fake Bistros with the name ''Joseph'' being pedo ring coverups or something... ask /v/pizzagate for more details

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Ruined my lunch too. What else am I supposed to read during lunch? Bollocks!

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Wikileaks dead man switch triggered 7/7/7

Possibly has to do with this...

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I secons this. First time all morning I've been able to access the site.

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Whats worse is that website that tells you if theyre down or not said last night it was up and running.

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Because it's still returning a 200 status code. There are other things running successfully every refresh like your mail count is successfully retreived.

Our fail mode should probably do less.

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It finally fessed up that Voat was down about an hour ago.

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It gave me conflicting reports all morning, sometimes up, sometimes down

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I'm just going to paste these. Feel free to leave this tab open for when they go down again.

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Came here to same the same exact sort of thing. Doesn't seem like downtime to me.

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It happened a few days ago too, but not sure what day as i put it down to the port to open source? Maybe just testing but it's usually communicated before hand.

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Maybe it's the date? 7-17-17 or if you want to go European: 17-7-17. Not sure if it means anything, but ya know, patterns.

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Well, people will 17/17/17 in a hundred years. I hadn't thought of that until now.

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You're a special kind of stupid. Remember there are only 12 months.

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This always happens when someone thinks they've found a wikileaks deadman release.

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