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I consider this the biggest blame. Doctors have collectively abandoned their Hippocratic oaths.

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It's a two way street. People aren't willing to be in pain anymore. Nobody wants to deal with even a headache, so harder and harder painkillers are being prescribed by default.

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Big pharma probably shoulders some blame too

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The doctors weren't completely at fault here.

Back in the early 90's, the FDA, under Clinton, mandated that doctors were acting negligent if they allowed their patients to be in pain.

The doctors had a choice: risk losing their license (and being sued out of practice) or hand out pain pills like candy. Reference.

I've heard 1st and 2nd hand horror stories about doctors being dragged in front of the state licensing board after a couple patents filed complaints that the doctor wasn't doing enough for their pain. The state review boards would review the doctor's medical records and punish them if they were prescribing significantly fewer pain pills vs. their pears. "Standard of care" and such.

The FDA is a terrible institution that does far more harm than good. (On this front and other fronts.)

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I love how Republicans think we want them to spend $45B on fighting opiate addiction when they could just stop covering opiates as a standard pain killer and tell doctors to knock it off.

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You can send your thank you's to the CIA, Clintons, Bush Family or Obummer...been going on for decades.

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Theo's a limey dude.

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A gay British bartender? The story keeps getting weirder.

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Wait, where did you get that from?

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good thing the abovementioned are globalists then

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The SJWs under Soros run this site. What the fuck did you expect?

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Oh cool, SaneGoat's back everyone.

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At least heroin users just get mostly sleepy. It's meth that's becoming a bigger problem where I am :(

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Yeah but methheads will mostly just steal copper at 3AM... smackheads on the other hand, will steal your cell phone out of your pocket as you give them a spare cigarette.

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Not going to disagree with that. It's most violent crimes here are being done by meth heads. I would rather face an agitated junkie, than an agitated meth head.

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a nigger problem or a bigger problem?

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Both unfortunately.

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Is there a bigger problem than the nigger problem?

Edit: I was just typing it to type it out lol I know kikes are the biggest problem

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(((They))) did the same thing to the black community in the 80s and 90s. Now it's the white folks turn. Watch the movie Friday with this in mind and why certain characters exist.

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watch Friday

Do I have to?

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You mean the CIA under Reagen?

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Yes. The dismantling of the black community served a blueprint for what is happening to white communities now.

White suburbia is like the early 90s hood.

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You think you got it bad?

Be a legitimate chronic pain sufferer with a chronic illness.

Because of these wastes of skin, I get the 3rd degree everytime I see a new doctor, or go to the ER or phamacy... like my Codeine and Morphine would even get heroin addicts off.

In Washington state it is so bad legitmate pain sufferers are just fucked, most go to Canada to get their meds or just kill themselves.

Fucking SJWs and dope fiends

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Yeah I got my spine crushed (lucky I wasn't a quadraplegic)and ankle when a drunk driver hit me. Thanks to these fucking addicts with no self control , I had to go down to the surgeons every week in horrible pain for a paper script and drag my ass with I'd to the pharmacy. (of course I couldn't drive so had to rely on my friends and family).

I weaned myself off like a normal person. I gradually started cutting my afternoon one in half, then stopped , repeat process . They were all worried about the Percocets I was more concerned about getting addicted to the Valium but I weaned myself off that the same way.

Fuck these addicts and people with no self control making drs unwilling to prescribe stuff for legitimate pain and making people recovering from fucking surgery go through this bullshit because they can't control themselves. Let them kill themselves.

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You absolutely have a point, several even, but dude, 95% of chronic pain patients prefer cannabinoids to opioids. You live in legal weed paradise. Have you at least tried the CBD route?

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Yeah, I think that survey (that you got off Joe Rogan) is flawed.

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Do they make a weed that doesn't make you a stoned idiot yet?

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Washington state is fucked, the pressure doctors are getting from the health department and authorities is unreal, basically telling them if you prescribe opioids you're gonna lose your license.

So they refer you to pain clinics.

First takes several months to get in for an appointment, in the meantime, you still aren't getting pain medication you are littlerally writhing in pain... yet you still have to man up, somehow and go to work, take care of your kids, etc.

Once you get an appointment they tell you they have "filled their quota from your insurance company" so to be seen you have to pay cash out of pocket... it's a shake down and they do it to everyone.

Then you go in. They drug test you, if you have anything in your system you don't have a prescription for you, you are banned and labeled a drug addict (happens to many people).

So then you get your pain meds and hey pull you in for random unscheduled pee and blood tests to make sure you are ONLY taking the meds prescribed and in the dosage they have been perscibed. Too much or too little? Banned.

If you have cannabis in your system (CBD even) you are banned, even though it is legal in this state.

It's a racket.

Me I go to Canada and to Ireland to doctors there that I pay out of pocket to and bring back months worth of meds with me.

I also have a Dr. in Kansas City who's been treating me for years but I have to fly down there to see him and get prescriptions because anything higher than Tylenol 4 (Codeine) you can't send prescriptions over state lines for.

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You're just delaying your karma. This world is suffering.

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I doubt that the medical community is responsible for as much of the opioid epidemic as we think. There are however more unhappy people than ever it seems.

Opioids are relatively cheap, and the high lasts a long time.

It feels like getting wrapped in warmth, not too hot, but juuuuuuust right. Your problems disappear, become unimportant. Life becomes good (for a change) and nice. Things physically feel better, things slow down, you might drift in and out of light sleep, dreaming intensely and controlling said dreams. Then you slowly come down, retaining a little bit of that feeling.

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Opium has been around for ever, people just dont want to deal with reality when they have a way out. people are Soft in the 20th+ century

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The opiates we have created in the last 100 years are quite different from opium. I agree people are soft now, but they're also fucking with much harder stuff.

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Forget about the silk road? And it is fucking boring these days, opiates provide a nice added dopamine boost to daily activities(without destroying your brain with alcohol).

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Two words: Chinese Fentanyl.

Fentanyl is like 100 times stronger then heroin, and you can buy it by the kilo from China. Lots of enterprising young people have embraced the obvious business plan and there is now a deep and easy supply of very inexpensive smack out there.

The other part of it is that drug usage is very much like a fad in the way that it spreads through the population. Not long ago, everybody was cooking meth. Not long before that, everybody was having crack babies. Before that it was valium. Before that it was heroin, and coke, and whatever else was the fashion of the day.

I think we are probably at peak junkie now. In five years it will be rare again, and some new bullshit will emerge to take its place.

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I am more of a fan of krokodile.

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That sounds like it would kill half of the people I know.

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The flakka apocalypse draws nigh!

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Kill your local drug dealer. It's an art project.

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(((Big pharma))) and CIA opium fields.

If we value personal responsibility and freedom of choice, then these addicts must be left alone, and under no circumstances thrown in prison. But at the same time the corrupt pharma doctors have inhibited the addicts' abilities to be responsible for their own actions and choose freely. The root cause of the problem grew from these doctors' hands.

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Yes, if they want to kill themselves let them. Trouble is, as they start to spiral down, they end up commiting all kinds of crimes , so it doesn't just affect them. Granted, most of them are low level (burglary and such) but lots of them aren't

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Opponents of the drug war generally argue that drug addicts are in large part forced into crime due to the high costs of drugs. If the government legalized or decriminalized heroin, then corporations could produce large quantities of heroin and sell it at a very low price. Addicts would still be a burden to society but they would be much less of a burden than they are now.

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