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Life before 2001 it was hard to get any info about how the world truly works and who's behind it pulling strings. All one could get was some rumors about massive spy agencies, but nothing was confirmed. Left in dark and concealed.


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Jews were not even mentioned unless it was a fringe lunatic type now u see jews being exposed all the time.. Its been a major change its starting to creep into main stream thinking.. And the laws making haulcost denial illigal is having the oppisite effect... Makes people wonder why even discussing something is against freedom of speech.


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It's the Overton Window, and it's shifting quickly now.


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We Germans, we know about the Jews. We tried to tell you and you attacked us.


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Lots of people knew. Especially in the early days of the web and internet communication there was a LOT of decent information right out in the open. The only problem was that back then, labels like "tinfoil hat nutter" and "conspiracy theorist" and "crackpot" held a lot of weight.

One unintended side-effect of the attacks, in my opinion, was that it brought things way out in the open for people to discuss and those same people have been proven right so much that the labels are now meaningless.


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There was a lot less information available back then, but tptb didn't realize the power of the internet so there was also a lot less intentional disinfo to wade through.


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All one could get was some rumors about massive spy agencies, but nothing was confirmed. Left in dark and concealed.

It wasn't rumors. It was cold hard fact, shining with the light of a thousand suns, obvious to anybody who bothered to look.

I speak, of course, of the export restrictions on cryptographic machines. Everybody knew that the NSA would only allow export of cryptosystems with 40-bit keys if (1) they could crack such keys and (2) they were getting enough intercepts to justify cracking them. From merely announcing the number "40" anyone could deduce the existence of the entire surveillance and analysis apparatus, and make pretty accurate estimates of its scope, budget, and capabilities.

In the 1990s I followed the cipherpunk movement closely and they taught me how to figure out how the NSA had to function based on simple arithmetic and public sources. The Snowden "revelations" are no such thing. The "revelations" are a narrative being pushed by a political faction who needed to manufacture a counterculture. I quit reading their shite early on, because they were merely recycling decades old cipherpunk doctrine and spoon feeding it to the masses as their accomplishment.

And of course they bury every attempt to discuss the fact that Snowden either started out as a Russian agent or defected with alarming speed. Even while also pushing the narrative that the Russians are an existential threat to the U.S.A. owing to infiltrating government at all levels.


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Snowden was/is CIA. You never get to 'leave'. He went and fucked over the NSA. Guess who does deals with Russia to prevserve the cold war tension, and really really fucking hates the NSA getting big budgets and zero oversight? CIA.

Snowdens' whole mission was to fuck the NSA over.

I remember when you needed a munitions license to resell crypto, and then magically one day, it didn't matter. Was that not a sign that it had been fundamentally compromised? Of course.

Also another fun thing I just remembered, in 2001 we had ordered a few SUN E10000 servers. It took over a year to get them as SUN kept saying they had to redirect all big servers to some 'bigger client'. They mistakenly shipped one to us after a lot of complaining, and the manifest had shown that the one we got was a RMA from Langley VA. It's no big guess who was buying the biggest SUN machines like they were going out of style.


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the fact that Snowden either started out as a Russian agent or defected with alarming speed.



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Oh the information was there but it was deemed as kooky conspiracy theories.

The information was limited to people who were "into using computers."

There were plenty of sites that talked about the CFR, Bilderbergs, the Trilateral Commission, World Trade Organization and plans for a world government.

The 1999 WTO protesters were right.