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The act would disallow any scientific papers whose data cannot be "reproduced,"

Being able to reproduce scientific results is a key element of any proper scientific methodology.

Scaling the man-made-catastrophic-global-warming craze from a religion status back to non politicized science is a very good think, for science and for tax payers.


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https://archive.is/kIdDL | :

The US government is removing scientific data from the Internet | Ars Technica

'In our latest episode of Ars Technica Live, Ars editors Annalee Newitz and Joe Mullin talked to UC Santa Cruz sociology professor Lindsey Dillon about how the Trump administration has been removing scientific and environmental data from the Web. ', "Lindsey encouraged people interested in preserving scientific data, or maintaining the public's access to it, to get involved with EDGI by visiting its website."

'Lindsey is part of a group called Environmental Data Governance Initiative (EDGI), which is working on ways to rescue that data and make it available to the public. '

'Lindsey also talked about a new report that EDGI has released on the history of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). '

'The act would disallow any scientific papers whose data cannot be "reproduced," which basically includes all studies of toxic cleanup and contamination. '

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