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This is fucking retarded you rightwing neo-nazi boneheads, the guy admitted he had Jew blood on day one, its not as if he hides anything...and btw retards do you know there is actually no fucking such thing as a 'Jew' because a Jew can be anyone, yellow, black, brown, white you name the ethnic group, they can convert, do all those shit ceremonies, ritual and then do some weird shit where they cut off the skin on their fucking penis. They called themselves as Eastern, European, Middle East, African original Israelites or some bullshit and try to DNA class themselves as Ashkenazi, Sephardi, and Mizrahi....the whole thing is a bunch of religious BULLSHIT, a Jew will often share more DNA with Arabs, TurkishKazakhKhazar and Palestinians than he will with other 'Jews'. There is supposed to be a Jew dispora but the original Jews are basically Egyptians and pagan Arabs, where this 'Moses' character may have come from...the whole shitty Middle East region has been popping out religions and invading, raping, killing and breeding with each other for thousands of years. BTW he says he's a Nihilist, which as I understand it he's like those fucking German techno weirdos from that Big Lebowski movie, Nihilists they believe nothing, rejection of all religious, hate everything, don't care hedonists, reject moral principles, the world has no meaning, often believe that life is meaningless...basically Emo teenager religion.