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So do Christians.


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No they don't.


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Don't you remember that case where they refused to bake a cake for someone because he's gay? That man starved to death, because cake is the only thing he eats. They killed him!


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I have seen you post on several different occasions and I have always appreciated that you often straddle the line between making comments that are popular and others that are not. I think it shows that you think for yourself and don't base your beliefs on whatever side you most identify with.

On this argument, though, I have to disagree with you. I am well aware that both Christianity and Islam condemn homosexuality. It is also true that there are Christian fundamentalists who believe that homosexuality is "sinful" and so they go and try to kill gay people, sometimes succeeding. However, to compare a fringe group of Christians to the majority of Muslims is going a little too far IMO. Many "true" Christians - and by true, I mean the ones who legitimately try to live by the Bible and don't try to take advantage of others - are accepting of homosexuals as far as my experience goes, even if they don't agree with the lifestyle.

Contrast this with Muslims, who throw homosexuals off of buildings while the other, less radicalized followers condone it, and it seems obvious to me that the two are not the same. Christians as a whole are not a large, or even a moderate, threat to homosexuals. Many people, however, believe that Muslims are.


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Not enough


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You're an idiot.