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Original content!? Is this bizarro world!? - I'm looking forward to contributing!


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Strip down and give us some nudes. Voat needs your gone wild pics. All ladies here 6/10 + should please contribute.


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My Private Parts agree


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Voat's new censorship

Downvoating is what reddit uses to silence dissenting views.

People don't typically upvoat, even if they like something. They will just look at it.

But when people get butthurt or see things they don't like they DO DOWNVOAT. You're assuming that people use both buttons the same way.

Voating is a censorship tool because it doesn't depend on rational argumentation. It only depends on CONSENSUS. That's why SRS use downvoat brigades because they know it's only purpose is to censor content they don't want seen by others.

Look, our entire political system should make it more practical. We don't let everyone vote in elections for a good reason: we know that retards are the majority of people. You want Bill Gate's educated vote negated by some homeless retard on the street? That's EXACTLY what democratic voting does. That's exactly what the movie Idiocracy was about. When you give everyone an equal say, you negate the point of education. You negate the point of rational argumentation. If a baby can negate the vote of an adult, then you don't really need to learn how to think. All you need to do is make people agree with you. And bribery is the fastest way to agreement.

Since people tend to downvoat when they're butthurt and engaged in censorship, the best way to combat censorship would be to only allow UPVOATING since people will actively have to champion what they believe rather than focus on what they want to complain about and censor. You can look at upvoating as positive censorship since it at least puts the burden on the upvoater to be accountable to their views and say what they prefer instead of simply complaining about what they don't want.

Stating what you want to happen takes EDUCATION AND EFFORT. Complaining about what you don't want just requires the ability to be butthurt.

I'd rather err on the side of positive censorship if we have to censor at all. We already know how negative censorship turns out: it becomes reddit.

At least positive censorship requires EFFORT that keyboard warriors aren't willing to invest. So if we want to make this place different from reddit, we should ONLY have an upvoat button.


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Oh my good god, we have a manloon 101 poster.

You're just rambling on to plug your shitty website and ideology. You literally don't make any sense and aren't relevant. Reported for spam.


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Agreed. The most helpful thing you can do for Voat during this period is provide good original content posts. This initial wave of reddit resentment is expected, but to retain users the community has to step up more than ever to provide content to make this work.

Also, as a content creator myself to other content creators: This is a fucking great opportunity to get your stuff out there infront of an audience without getting buried by spam.


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I totally agree and that's exactly what I'm going to be doing on the NSFW department myself. I'm one of those who used to post tons of NSFW posts in reddit and now I'm bringing it over here. I know it might not interest many of you, but that's what I was mainly using reddit for and now planning to do the same in VOAT. I got few subverses (it's so damn difficult NOT to write subreddit all the time isn't it?) already started up and I'm going to bring original content in them (not x-post from reddit). When this site goes stable I'm going to make my NSFW subreddits private as well in reddit, I'm finished there.


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From voat's about page:

Voat™ (pronounced voat as in goat) officially launched in April 2014 as a media aggregator website featuring user-posted content.

Aggregator refers to a web site or computer software that brings together a specific type of information from multiple online sources.

This website (and reddit) were designed to be community shaped rss feeds. Any OC is just icing on the cake


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While you're technically correct, I think OP is referring to this erroneous notion that, to help voat grow, users should simply repost the content that's being posted on reddit for no reason other than it's being posted on reddit.


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Yeah I agree that doesn't help and is probably also point whoring. I thought he was referring to any piece of news that had recently been posted on reddit.


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Yes. Also, stop with the karma-whoring shitposts, or at least keep them to /v/circlejerk. They make us look lower quality than Reddit.


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Low Hanging Fruit:

/r/TIL blocks/deletes/censors all content that is critical of corporations or the government, or exposes illegal actions by same, so that's a ripe area for posting to /v/til


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But doesn't all of the content on Reddit come from 4chan?


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Yes, but the problem is that all the content on 4chan comes from Reddit.

It's a regurgitating loop of shit.


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Probably most important to grow the niche subs first. Get tons of original content there and it will attract the users that will do the rest of the work.

Looking forward to adding content to /v/minipainting myself.

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