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We'd be Waco'd in ten seconds flat.

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Relax citizens, this will be over quickly. You will not enjoy this.


[–] Milo_Carlin 19 points -18 points (+1|-19) ago 

No worries, it'll never happen. SJWs like @Puttitout are incapable of managing/operating anything more substantial than a toilet flush. Hell, these idiots have already driven off 90% of the target market with massive censorship, restrictions, manipulation, theft, lies, and secret bans. Now they're resorting to paying shills to post to keep the site looking alive. Voat was bought out by reddit sjws over a year and a half ago, if you weren't aware.

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If you said at the end of your comment after "forcibly remove us", "we all died horribly!..." without further explanation, other than a quirky :) I could have mistaken you as Jim Jefferies.

No shit... I still love that man's real world stories.

That said.

I can forgive straight up ignorance. Willful ignorance is a whole other kettle of fish for me though.

Power on formation mate.

All the best :)



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This is exactly what would happen. A bunch of white men and some families living on their own without government influence? The town would be labeled a white supremacist pedophile cult and some friendly law enforcement officials would level it in a matter of hours.


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This is exactly what would happen. A bunch of white men and some families living on their own

Faggot town without women. Extinct in one generation.

@Gorillion If you fear bein Waco'd you can always go be free in Liberia

Ex nazis did just that in South America. They founded pretty colonies in Patagonia.


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We'd make sure, everyone would see it. It would look real bad. At the very least it would force the hand of the deepstate and bring them into the light, awakening some normies to what is going on.

Of course they would try to discredit us, but not everyone would buy it...