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Pretty much.

For example...There are plenty of (White Racism)-validating proofs within both media and literature which used to be located via Google searches, pre-2011, but now are no where to be found ---if I search for them via Google. I had to switch to DuckDuckGo to now find those materials.


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Yes, there are many examples like this. During the presidential election in the United States when people searched for "presidential candidates" Donald Trump was not shown at all, at certain times.

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Yep, I know for a fact that my parents and I get different search results using the same terms. Like say, "Crooked Hillary".

Also, Youtube will recommend videos to you based on what YOUTUBE wants you think. How do you think so many people got turned into Flat Earth-tards? If I am watching something interesting, related to say the hoaxed manned Moon landing or the historical role played by Zionism, Youtube will recommend something stupid, naive or even outright disinformation, trying to imply to me "This is related to what you are currently watching"

Basically what I do now is I try not to use the search results at all, I immediately go to image search, and maybe it is filtered the same way, but you can sort through 40 images to find what you are looker for, a lot quicker than 40 links.

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yahoo.. they partnered with yahoo (who partnered with the NSA to make software so they could read a yahoo mail user's email live, edits and all)