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I have massive respect for Morgan Freeman, especially on stuff like this.

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He stays based. Doesn't demean his race or anyone else's, but just asks "Why treat us differently?" And in every interview, the interviewer seems unprepared for this basic line of reasoning.

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Through the Wormhole is such a great show.

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Lil wayne is more respectable than these "college educated" fucks like Lemon

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what weirdo alternate reality did i fall into and when?

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All I kept thinking way "ooooooh! (((REKT)))"

In all seriousness, though. I had no idea Morgan Freeman was so woke. It really says a lot about age=wisdom.

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Soros is older than Freeman. Might want to retool that statement.

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Commonly known as crypto-jews

[–] culofiesta 1 points 14 points (+15|-1) ago 

Not just Jews, I've seen this with hispanics too. Virtually any minority race can cross lines because they see whiteness as a culture. Their race, of course, is set in stone and not a culture.

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I'm a white Latino. What's wrong with that statement?

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If you're ALWAYS a white latino, that's fine.

If you're only a white latino on crime statistics and when you want to play-pretend you're white but have views that cause hate against other whites, then you can piss off.

Similar to a Jew claiming they're white until there's some sort of problem, then you see the Jew card and Anti-Semitic cards whipped out faster than Al Sharpton accepting his tax-free invite to the white house.

Similar to a mixed race person claiming they're black to fit in with their black friends, but then pretending to be white on Twatter and using it to find some make-believe middle ground with other white people.

TL;DR - Don't be a hypocrite. Everyone hates a hypocrite.

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same hes full of shit. latinos dont pull this shit and if they do its nowhere near the numbers (((they))) do . hes trying to sway the convo w his bullshit

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Theres an exception here, a latino might have got it into themself to see multiculturalism as some infallible dogma, which need all and any celebration it can get, and dont even consider any context, its just some holy monolith of social justice, regardless of how patronized morgan freeman might feel about it. Its not just about "white toxicity" or some cultural marxist ideology they have read books and buy 100%. They just value what multiculturalism does for them personally.

And theyre kinda right some of the time, its only when the planned economy of multiculturalism fails spectacularly that even the minority screams out for the right wing and their criticism of multiculturalism. Even jews built the fucking wall.

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"I came here to chew ass and kick gum, and im all outta ass" ------------------Anon

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So this is what borat meant.

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"Throw the Jew down the well, so my country can be free! You must grab him by the horns, then we have a big party!" - Borat

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1st " related video" is Ben Shapiro dodging the question of Are jews white? Funny how he goes off topic anout asian privilege, when Jewish privilege is much more overly represented in the terms of population = income. Watch the jew recoil, and pivot, then bring up other races to smear.


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But he's not claiming to be white. He even corrected Freeman when he made that mistake.

[–] Nutark 2 points 10 points (+12|-2) ago 

correct, you are halfway there! title doesn't claim this as example of shapeshifting, it's example that jews too know that they are not white...

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when it suits their purposes

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Ah okay. Thanks!

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But he would have claimed to be white on any other given day. Wallace only pulled out the minority card because he thought it would help him win an argument.

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Wish i could give you more upvoats

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