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Working in insurance is what redpilled me on insurance. Its all a money making scheme.

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Duh. It's obvious. If you don't use it, you lose your money. If you need it, it's only at the permission of the insurer. They get higher rates from hospitals and doctors than self-pay.

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No change to the insurance system will fix the USA health care problem. Not even single payer. Costs are too high. That is the problem unti we address costs nothing will get better.

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Big Pharma and People using the ER as a Doctors office are the main issues here. In Texas when you go to an ER you can count on a few things, you are going to see black people who have just a cough waiting to be seen, they will have their entire extended family with them as this is "going out" for them. Second you will hear a lot of Spanish, and broken English, you will then be greeted with an ER room full of Hispanics and blacks who abuse the entire system.

If those facts make me racist then, yep, I am a racist. I really don't care. Have a good one mates.

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I'll just act like I didn't read your last few sentences and say this:

Dat's Raysist!

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It doesn't make you racist, but to be honest they've watered that term down so much that I welcome being called it any more. It's just an excuse to call them a goddamn jigaboo, a porch-monkey, sheboon, heboon, or a fucking piece of shit nigger.

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I'm curious how much it would save if ER's could turn down all but actual emergencies, send people with a cold down the street to a clinic. I bet a lot of these people wouldn't choke up the cash then.

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I'm sure those contribute too, but I think the major driver is that people are using 'Health Insurance' like 'Health Care', i.e. Insurance has invaded the system to such a point that they cover routine checkups and non-urgent surgeries, which causes people not to look for the best prices and allows the prices to rise.

Just look at the Oklahoma Surgery Center; they stopped taking Insurance and started giving transparent pricing, and as a result they have vastly lower prices than traditional Hospitals.

Insurance should be left where it belongs: providing insurance for emergencies, not providing all out health care. You don't expect your car insurance to cover new tires, do you? Or your Home Insurance to cover new carpet?

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Even your socialized systems cost more than my countries socialized insurance system per capita. Not saying ours is any better(it sucks donkey balls) but why can't there be cheaper or free clinics for minor illness and a different pricing structure or multi tiered system for those who have serious illness or chronic conditions. Some asshole with a cough from eating hooker pussy shouldn't be using the same resources as the mentally ill drug addicts. people with sports injuries or the cancer patients. It makes no goddamn sense.

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there are places that treat minor illnesses for cheap, but people going the ER instead of a regular doctor like another user said, drives up prices.

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Single payer is a HUGE step in addressing costs. It's a good first step.

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Giving government any power it previously didn't have is usually the worst step one can take.

Edit: I would much prefer to see how non-profits for health insurance might work, much in the way credit unions operate.

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Glad to see other people realize this shit too. "We the people" wanted actual affordable health care and have been screaming this shit since Bush jr. was in office. But no, just another nice big serving of go fuck myself in a tall glass. Fuck obozocare and fuck the entire greedy, scamming insurance industry.

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If you are sick any hospitol will take you in. You wont die and the curb like some people think.

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I've seen a hospital decide treatment based on insurance. I've seen a hospital turn away a patient because "no insurance." I've seen patients in complete agony not being treated until they get insurance info from them. No, you probably won't die. Maybe. Unless you do.

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I had a dermatology shop try to turn me away for not having insurance or a referral from a general practitioner. I said I could afford to pay for the visit and they still pushed back saying I wasn't diagnosed to be there. I was like... seriously, look at my psoriasis and let me talk to a doctor, that it's ridiculous my obvious skin condition required the "approval/referral" from another doctor.

Eventually I was bothering them enough to honor my appointment and got a professional evaluation and prescriptions.

But it was absurd how much they tried to not help me out even though I had the money to handle the matter.

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A hospital cannot legally turn someone away for "no insurance." They CAN, however, if the case is not life-threatening, transfer to another hospital that specializes in no-insurance patients. Emergency rooms, by law, cannot send someone away.

Bureaucrats will always win out. The admissions person is doing their job - admitting the person with as much detail as possible. They need to perform some of these steps (not just insurance, but that helps) in order to get medical history. Having the insurance data narrows down the patient, especially in cases where the name is common or the patient is not in a position to communicate (no Engrish, in pain, etc.) so that the attending doctor doesn't give a lethal dose of something that reacts badly in the patient due to allergies or current medications, or kick a heroin addict back into addiction with a morphine shot, etc. Just treating a person willy-nilly is severely stupid and inherently dangerous.

Soemtimes, these decisions are not being made by hospital administrators or even the admitting clerk. For example, in 1990, I was kicked pretty hard in the head by a gang of niggers and one spic. (10-12 of them, 3 of us.)

The ambulance came, and was the person in back said, "Take him to RELIGIOUS NAME hospital. Not sure if he has insurance. "

I was awake enough to say, "No, I'm covered."

"Oh, well, take him to PRIVATE NAME hospital. It will be faster to get treated."

So, there is some of that going on, but this was being done by an paramedic, not a hospital administrator. If a person was turned away for "no insurance" and a severe injury or death occurred due to that, that place would be sued to bejeezus. So, what they do is stabilize the patient, then transfer ASAP.

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They are not going to let you die. If you are critical condition they will treat you and have you moved. They know if you get turned down and die at the front door they will get sued out the ass.

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That's illegal. There is a federal law called EMTALA where anyone presenting to an emergency department has to be medically evaluated and stabilized before anyone even talks about payment. Although the law was passed because hospitals were doing exactly what you said, not treating people who couldn't pay. But that is now illegal, and has been for a couple of decades now.

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My neighbor is paralyzed from the neck down due to insurance fuckery. She was in a car accident and taken to the hospital where they stableized her but didn't perform a procedure that could have saved more mobility if they had performed it immediately. The insurers had to sit and think on it for a while to decide if they'd cover it. It was too late by the time they got around to their answer.

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but she didn't die./s

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I knew a guy 5 years ago who made several visits to the ER with chest pains. They'd give him drugs to make him feel better and send him on his way in a few hours. One day he didn't get to the ER fast enough.

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Ive went to the er with a broken colorbone once , had to wait an extra 2 hours cause someone had chest pains

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What's even better is when the Insurance companies invest in Wall St with your money and it all goes to shit and they lose it all. Then Taxpayers bail them out. I fucking hate Obama for making a deal with Insurance companies vs making a Health Care solution for all citizens.

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We already had a healthcare for everyone solution. It was called paying out of pocket for basic preventive care: immunizations, antibiotics, blood pressure pills, and type 2 diabetes treatment. You know what's even better than Obamacare paying $250,000 to clean up the wreckage of a heart attack? Paying $8 a month for the pills that would have prevented it. All the poor devils who buy Obamacare because they are scared for their kids are beginning to die in droves from lack of preventive care. In the long run I think Obamacare will kill more people than would have died with the old system.

At least they were able to do away with the role of law.

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Some people think that insurance is some magical way to make predictable, regular medical maintenance to cost less than it does. Sign me up for the "insurance" which makes my gasoline and food a fraction of the cost!

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Insurance certainly can make the cost more predictable, although there is an overhead to pay. For gasoline you would buy energy derivatives, such as oil futures.

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So... why not just have fully socialised health care?

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I'm just going to chime in and call out whoever downgoated you. You asked a question begging for thorough discussion and logical contemplation. It gets my goat when people downvoat just for asking a question when they disagree with a supposition from the question.

Upgoat and carry on.

Also socialism is not good.

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Because there aren't enough people that are responsible enough to live a healthy lifestyle and not completely overburden the healthcare system with their constant wants and needs. Just look at the amount of fat people there are and what they cost to care for. That is a health problem that the person is directly responsible for getting themselves into and asking the few healthy people left to pay for their shitty, childish decisions is just not sustainable in the long run.

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Ambulance rides for people with earaches cost way too much.

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why is an ambulance ride expensive?

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Just give them free helicopter rides instead.

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I've heard that causes long wait times for important surgeries. In Australia we have a hybrid system of socialised and private healthcare. So you can go to a private hospital that has a separate queue to the public one and get treatment faster.

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health insurance seems like an unnecessary layer of proft that stands between you and your doctor money-grubbing, overpaid medical retailer

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That's exactly what it is. It adds about 22 - 25% to the total cost. "Shareholder value" is the main concern. Not anyone's life or treatment.

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