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Stop pushing this story, it's full of shit. NKM is not who you think she is. In France there were 4 main candidates each representing a side : extrem left(Melenchon), center(Macron), right(Fillon) and extreme right(Le Pen). That girl has nothing to do with Le Pen and she hates Trump. France's right has nothing to do with USA's conservastism. The "aggressor" insulted her and sent a flyer to her face : she fainted, that's about it.

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Like i said but you are clearly not listening, RIGHT WING DOES'T HAVE THE SAME DEFINITION IN FRANCE. Right wing is fillon's party so when you say right wing you are not refering to any of Le Pen's supporters/militants. And i don't fucking care about your labels. Anyone can check my account history if they think I'm shill. Faggot.


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Le Pen

extreme right

come on now.


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Murdoch murdoch on keeping the Swastika. First 3minutes.


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Seriously? What the fuck is wrong with you? When did people here become scared of labels?


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She's a cuckservative.