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The real ShareBlue cunts are blending in, posting the "hey faggots, looks at these dumb niggers" posts and posting stuff that discredits opposing viewpoints, like, in order to associate free speech with extreme racism, that is one example.

"They call themselves Anonymous, they are Hackers on Steroids!" cue C4 van

Not ringing any bells? I guess I'll just say it; What you're suggesting doesn't work.

CTR already tried the exact tactic you mentioned during the election, and it was so forced and unnatural that they were rooted out immediately. That's the thing about the Moral Outrage route. In no other case is the Law of Diminishing Returns more real. They can try their damndest to "nigger" this, and "faggot" that, in order to paint us in the image of "old school republican bigot big dumb meanie head". That's fine, let them, for they must have forgotten that this tactic was used, ad nauseum, in 2016, and last I fuckin checked, you can only trick most people the same way once. Truly, these are the typical tricks of a one Schlomo Shekelstein. You can tell, because of how rarely they learn lessons.