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Jobs Site Accidentally Places Ad on White Nationalist Podcast

'As first noted on Reddit, the advertisement was read on Wednesday’s episode of The Daily Shoah, a podcast on the white nationalist website The Right Stuff. '

'He also said The Right Stuff did not receive any payment for the ad. '

'In a statement to Gizmodo, a partner at at Ad Results Media provided this account of the error:Last month Ad Results Media placed an advertising buy for a sports podcast for one of our clients. '

'Well, according to ZipRecruiter’s ad buyer, Ad Results Media, they didn’t mean to put ads on that TRS. The spot was supposed to air on TRS Radio, a sports podcast about triathlons. '

'You still did not fuck up as bad as the jobs website ZipRecruiter, which got ad time on an alt-right podcast this week, apparently by accident. '

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