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Just my 2 cents, but how could we honestly trust anyone else to do it. I would say putt has shown a remarkable commitment to free speech I wouldn't be so quick to believe anyone else would with that kind of power. It seems like once a week now someone is calling for putt to step down. If you are going to call for that I'd say you better present some pretty compelling evidence that someone else would have the same commitment. @puttitout

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Best not to @chiefpacman eh? Wouldn't want a retort.

I'm convinced that one user has relogged 6 times and changed the most upvoated comment and is now using strawman attacks to difuse my argument in half an hour. Well played I guess, but I fully exspected this. Happens every time I open my mouth on the subject

He rephrased what I said into an opposite statement. The cabal at work.