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They're apparently porting/converting away from windows expensive hosting plan.

They have plans for marketing but are literally waiting on an email from Put to give them the go ahead.

I agree that it's getting a little ridiculous, the lack of transparency. Putt has other shit going on, amd it seems like this site has taken a backseat on priority list. Not sure if it was ever high up to begin with. There's a lot of admin worship on this site, and this opinion is unpopular, but just my two cents. We'd be better off with an admin who cares.

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[–] Chiefpacman 3 points 2 points (+5|-3) ago 

The PSA's come about every 2 weeks, or when Putt checks in on us.

Agreed, were not very high up on the priority list compared to other things he has going on. If we were, the "weee voat is flying now" thumbnail might have been taken down weeks before the site almost went down. However, its still up. Never came down.

Most users forgive that, but at this point I'm wondering why he's held on to being the admin. Atko gave it up. For the exact same reasons that putt should.

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Amen brother.

Expect downvoats none the less. You speak against the admin.


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Caring is meaningless actions are what matter.

Kys liberal scum.