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This sucks. But, as an old fart, let me give you some perspective, if I may:

You learned a valuable lesson today. Your employer will never be loyal to you. (Especially at larger companies.) They may "rah rah rah" about "team" and such but that's all BS.

As such, you don't need to be loyal to them. Your only loyalties should be yourself, your family, and your maker.

With this mindset:

  • Don't get caught up in "respect." It's empty and shallow. Do your job, do it well. If you look for or demand respect, you will come across as weak and not deserving of respect. The people who earn respect are the ones who quietly kick ass every day.
  • Work an honest day; work hard, but keep a perspective that you are just a cog and this is just a job.
  • Be nice; don't be political. It isn't worth it.
  • HR isn't your friend.
  • Be friendly but make sure you have close friends outside the job. Do well, be nice and don't worry about what others think.
  • Know that this is a job. They will come/go. You will survive and be stronger for it.
  • ALWAYS better yourself. Never assume that you have "arrived" and you can stop learning and stop improving. The only day you get to stop improving yourself is when you retire.
  • Once a year, make a new resume. Even if the job is going great. Look at this like a milestone. What was improved / what was accomplished?
  • Work towards financial independence. The more you save, the less you are dependent on the system. If you are always paycheck to paycheck then you are a modern day slave. You can't afford to say "no." The power to say "no" is absolutely amazing.

Good luck.


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It's funny you should mention fuck loyalty because it's totally true.

At my current company I started off as what could best be described as a specialized floater. I had the opportunity to watch many overpaid people either lose their job or get a job offer from us doing what they already do for a fraction of their original pay as my company took over their duties. They're all always crushed or angry. Learned quickly that loyalty flows one way in companies.

Later moved up to a more specialized position. My new boss is ridiculously loyal to our client, moreso than to our company. For 7 years they tease him with a promise of hiring him (at least double what we make) and get him to pick up their bitch work and ignore what we're contracted for. Went on so long our company eventually had bring me in to pick up his slack. In the end they got everything they contracted us for plus him as a free labor doing what their full timers do. INCREDIBLY fucking retarded case of scope creep all because of hit loyalty.

He just had a stroke though so I fully expect to lose the contract since it changes their whole equation. I honestly don't care. Even if we get canned I've told everyone I'll apply at a movie theater and be the creepy old guy hitting on the girls that work there.

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Thank you, I appreciated that.


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This is a very good answer. As someone who changed my fair share of jobs I agree in every point. I would also like to add one more point - try to save some money, whatever that amount is. You could find yourself in a situation where you are in-between jobs or are forced to do something you don't want. It is good to have the option to simply walk away.

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I want to stress a couple of points, from back in the day:

  • no boss, no fellow employ, no business is EVER going to be loyal to you, no matter what the fuck they say - and they WILL say it, a lot, because they WANT you to be loyal to them. But they're always going to look out for number one - which is never, ever going to be you. You only have this one life: so fuck loyalty and ALWAYS, without exception, do what's best for you. Screw the job, screw your boss, screw your fellow employees; your life is what matters to YOU, not theirs.

  • Management is never your friend, even if you yourself are management. Many managers are incompetent and got to their positions by playing politics, not by doing the job well. They're always on the lookout for people who "show them up" and will try to get those people terminated ASAP before they themselves can be exposed as incompetent. Always treat management as your enemy, just don't do so openly. Work to blind-side them whenever possible.

  • as the poster said, HR is NEVER your friend. EVER. HR's sole role is to bend you over and fuck you in the ass for the company. Avoid HR like the fucking bubonic plague. Do this especially if you're conservative, as 99% of all HR employees are useless, fat liberal arts land-whales who fucking HATE conservatives and will make shit up just to get you canned. If they learn you're conservative they'll make it their personal mission in life to destroy you, and will come to work every single day dreaming up ways to make you miserable. Again, avoid HR LIKE THE FUCKING PLAGUE.

  • Remember that no matter how indispensable you actually are, management will always view you as disposable, EVEN IF IT'S NOT TRUE. Most management, as I've said, consists of incompetents who don't understand their own employees or even their own companies; they'll drive a company into the ground with their own stupidity - and then move on to some other company with excellent references. You are nothing more than a disposable, dispensable tool to them, no matter what they say, and that's all you'll ever be. NEVER expect logical, rational thought from them; that isn't how the vast majority got to where they are, and they aren't about to change their tactics simply because you now work at their company.

In summary, the company doesn't give a shit about you. Management doesn't give a shit about you. Your fellow employees don't give a shit about you. HR not only doesn't give a shit about you, they're a bunch of useless, fat women who're looking to shit all over something else to make themselves feel important. Do you job, try to stay off the radar (unless you're bucking for management yourself), and don't ever believe all the bullshit and lies they tell you. If you can, use your job to spring-board to independence as a contractor or business owner yourself, as that's the only way you're ever going to be free of these dumb, self-centered cunts.

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I was waiting for someone to say this. I was an employer for the last decade or so, in the hospitality industry. I was very loyal to my staff, and expected the same in return. The business was small enough that we all had personal relationships with each other, even if they did not extend past the work place.