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She absolutely DOES NOT wanna hear it. Literally started talking over me when I tried to show some statistics to her about her college schedule for next semester.

Fuck. Sometimes I hate being redpilled at such a young age. I can't talk to anyone about anything.

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Young adults are the worst. To be fair, its not her or him or them. It's the age. Sheltered lives hearing how we are all the same, religion of peace blah, blah, blah. I'm impressed you get it. The reason older people like myself are "Conservative" is because we have been "progressive" and "liberal." Until we got burned. burned to a crisp. Granted things have changed a lot since the 80's when I was "progressive" but I understand it. She will get it one day, she'll be super sad, maybe even crying. Just give her a hug and be her brother. Or maybe not. We can hope. Good on ya though.


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Dude, I would have given anything to be redpilled at a much earlier age. The earlier you have access to the truth, the more you can act on it throughout your life. It may in one sense be a curse, but it is also a blessing.


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I thought that said show her tits and i was really for that... @SOULESS SHOW HER TITS


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I'm no feminist faggot, but this comment is out of line. "Tits or GTFO" only applies when OP is trying to use their status as a female to directly or indirectly gain special treatment or win an argument. LURK MORE FAGGOT!