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We're going to build up Voat, and make Reddit pay for it!

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Fuck you @Patroklos you dumb niggerfaggit bitch

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@Patroklos remember - you came to us, not the other way around.

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Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

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You come to a new place @Patroklos where the culture doesn't fit your tastes.

Change yourself, go back OR demand that everyone at the new refugee change to suit your preferences?


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I don't care for racism but I value free speech more. As long as you're not out killing or assaulting people, it's just words, no one should care.

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Samples of his other comments

jew jew jew that's all you say all day long. You all sound dumb and sick.

And another

hah! "everyone I don't agree with is a jew"? very clever. You are all pathetic nazis.

This is such great entertainment

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Spoken like a true nigger

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who is this patroklos loser?

of course we're not going to be like the_cucks and virtue signal just like the left does


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@Patroklos has to be a shill, low level troll or a Jew. No one is stupid enough to retort "everyone I don't agree with is a jew" with "everyone I don't agree with is a Nazi" and be serious about it.

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You don't have to be a racist. You just have to let the racists have there freedom.

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But seriously you should be racist.

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Out Out Out!

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Any room for moderate Reddit refugees that don't subscribe to the extremisms of that shit hole I just left. Shits working well for Kabab.

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Yeah, you seem alright. Welcome aboard, faggot

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We have lots of great people of all stripes. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Take advantage of the block features and block users or subverses you don't wish to see. Or do as I do, just scan v/all for new content and simply ignore the BS. But in answer to your question ... there's room for everyone here. It just takes time to sort out what pack ya run with. Welcome aboard.

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Thanks! Was told there was floors here. This place is pretty fucking great.

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Voluntary Segregation: It just fucking works!

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/v/soapboxbanhammer is always a good place to introduce yourself.

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I can't tell whether you're trying to make him a new SBBH-fag, or trying to shit the place up with new-friends.

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post a headshot

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Just don't piss on the floor.

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buh bye Patroklos. won't miss you.

From what I've seen in the past 2 days, this is the norm for them. THEY NEED TO GO. I'm not talking about the pizzagate kind of go, I didn't care for that migration but they weren't these kind of people. T_D does NOT belong here at all and they will never assimilate. They might play nice for a while, I've already seen some of them claim to want to but, these kind of people don't change. They are lying and will do exactly what we think they'll do.

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They act like they want to find the truth but they are still afraid of being called racist.

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Most people were at one point. I think we should give the little fuckers time. You ain't breaking decades of cognitive dissonance overnight. <3

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Social conditioning is very effective

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I was a normal T_D user five months ago until I migrated over here. Not all of them will be bad, but yes, many of them are cucked.

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They rolled in with a fair amount of hubris. The ones who didn't are no big deal, but coming in, starting their copycat sub and then saying "We can do whatever we want this is OUR space!" just reminds me of a tenant renting a house, painting it purple and breaking all the windows out on day one and telling the landlord to fuck off because it's theirs now.

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I don't know, I can take criticism; it's censorship I don't like. You don't have to love Voat or Voat's community to have a place here. That's why it's Voat.

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I'm pretty sure if you let the Mods of T_D run a sub, they will ban the shit out of anything that steps out of line. To include racism they don't like, questions, non-capitalized post titles.

Kind of ironic that these folks are leaving Reddit and will bring the same type of censorship here to maintain their own little hive mind.

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