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This is why white crime stats are higher than they should be.

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That and mudshits. Both Hispanic and Middle Easterners are counted as White.

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Yup, just like this Egyptian on the FBI's most wanted. Race: White

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I'd be racist otherwise?!?!

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Sorry, which white?

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where is the CNN recolored picture?

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that guy is not white.

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I'm really blinded by how much white is in him. He's a Taco Nigger!

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Yep gotta delegitimize white people as much as you can....

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looks like a fucking mudshit to me

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They're called "Shitskins" FYI

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I wonder if the same would apply for "white black" or "white asian".

[–] GoatyMcGoatface 1 points 4 points (+5|-1) ago  (edited ago)

Um, WHERE is the picture of a tweet?

You don't need to make shit up, just let brown people be terrible on their own merit


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Since you're either too stupid or too lazy to Google things for yourself, here's a single tweet after two seconds of effort:


And here's the police report attached to Heavy's news article, saying this dude is white:


Now go suck cock on someone else's thread

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Because linking to the thing you are posting about is so passe. Be more friendly, faggot.

Also, holy shit 350 people retweeted that coontard saying "White Hispanic". They must really want those reparations/crowns n sheit

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