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don't worry i've been lurking there.

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I'm pretty sure v/thepedes are a bunch of 12 year old kids. Try arguing with one, and this will become embarrassingly apparent within 2 posts.

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Almost normal for me except for the idiots that keep posting about the stupid subverse in all the other subverses.

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fuck, i guess i just did that.

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Thank the Voat gods (@Puttitout, @Atko) for the block button!

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They are the absolute worst, most fanatical sect of the users from the_donald. ohsnapugotserved needs a solid slap in the face for thinking she is worthy of the "power" she thinks she will gain from this.

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Thankfully there was only one or two of their posts on the first page of /v/all. Hopefully we're normalizing again

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normal new. Normal New. NORMAL NEW. NORMAL NEW!


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i don't understand your reference and i want to.

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MST3k and your headline asking for a, "normal ...new."


E: And yeah, life is easier. At first /v/Pizzagate needed a timeout too from me, much better now.

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Same here. Fuck reddit.

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