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Bunch a faggot redditards. Not to mention the sleeper accounts coming outta the woodwork. We're gonna have to fucking fumigate, I tell ya.


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I'm fucking stealing this!


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tfw i've lurked for months and only joined 12 days ago :(

i'm on half chan mostly- lurk reddit (till I got banned) and occasionally inifinity.

I am trying to spread some etiquette to these reddit ppl since it's going to cause a tsunami of drama across all platforms. http://weaponizedautism.net/we-will-not-be-silenced/


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Sucks to be you, bud. Your account will remain suspect for some time, I think.


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I'm so confused. So thepedes was created because thedonald was taken and they just HAVE to mod?

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Let's take a look at what our new friends are like why don't we?

Redditor Ohsnapyougotserved, Jew mod of T_D on reddit who instated the "No racism. No anti-semitism." rule you can see in their sidebar, is now /u/ohsnapyougotserved here on Voat, and the founder and moderator of /v/ThePedes. WELCOME SHLOMO! And Mazel Tov on your continued reign of control over your horde of useful idiots! Voat loves Zionist power mods. You'll fit right in!

5 minutes after making his account, user /u/DonaldTrump_45 goes on established sub /v/TheDonald, modded by veteran Voater /u/Arotaes_Forgehammer, and makes a post telling everyone that it's not the real Trump subverse and they need to go to /v/thepedes instead: https://voat.co/v/TheDonald/1869015 No posts or comments before or since. Just dropping in to let all you people who have been on Voat for years what's official and what's not. :) Thank him later. He's a busy man.

Shitposting low IQ dummy /u/fffhh, who's already achieved -18 CCP just by being his charming self, openly encouraging shitting up Voat with meaningless garbage https://voat.co/v/ThePedes/1868473/9155005/10#9155005, bringing out that good old fashioned, condescending, WACISM concern trolling we all remember so fondly from reddit https://voat.co/v/ThePedes/1868653/9155645/10#9155645 and generally just being the kind worthless retard who made reddit the special place that it is https://voat.co/v/ThePedes/1868473/9155521/10#9155521

/u/Zannyth, a user with the IQ of the average youtube commenter (lol what's with these CCP rules? It's like they're designed to stop brigading by idiots like me.. LOL WTF XDDDD???? https://voat.co/v/ThePedes/1869019/9158015/10#9158015 ) saying that Zionist T_D mod Ohsnapyougotserved "always seemed to lead TD right though", and proclaiming that our new friends have no obligation to respect Voat and its existing culture https://voat.co/v/ThePedes/1869019/9157732/10#9157732

/u/la_couleur_du_ble - "opposing zionism? Not on my watch! FUCK YOU!!! GROUP THINK FTW!" https://voat.co/v/ThePedes/1869279/9157502/10#9157502

And /u/lostinsafespace, a 1 year old account with no activity until today, openly gloating about how /v/ThePedes will now destroy and replace genuine Voat culture and there's nothing actual Voaters can do about it: https://voat.co/v/ThePedes/1869019/9158886 every other one of his comments is him accusing actual voaters of being "the real invaders".

We have to fight back but I don't know how much we can do. There are a lot of them. Not good.

Edit: If I had to guess, I would say this was timed to simultaneously distract both Reddit T_D, and all of Voat, from the Seth Rich story.

Edit: Archives courtesy of /u/collegetoker


http://archive.is/lPYdX lostinsafespace

http://archive.is/1hs4r fffhh



http://archive.is/c1HNk Zannyth


http://archive.is/22iyn la_couleur_du_ble



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The problem isn't the users, it's the power-mods who are bringing the Reddit mentality with them. There are plenty of Redditfugees who are capable of being assimilated.



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/v/thedonald bud :)

Agreed, fuck them.


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Agreed, /v/thedonald is way better. Wait, I'm banned from that sub. You can go fuck yourselves as well.


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Since when were you banned?


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@puttitout should blow off some steam and fuck with them by making thepedes and the Donald as system subs for a week. They would probably pop a fucking gasket.


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This. I hate a subjective set of rules for what is system. Do it by subscriber count unless there is something larger covering the same topic (then that is systemed). If you want heavy moderation then you can be in the alternate sub. Let's not do it the other way around where people have to discover the free sub.

The question is how do you determine if a topic is generic (the way we currently do it). Is politics generic, is science generic, is physics specific? Is Chicago specific? I like what we did near the begining where science was generic and we kicked the power mods to truescience which is a group with more specific rules.


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If someone wants heavy moderation they can go to literally any other site on the internet and enjoy their false, moderated dialogue.


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I think that Politics, Science, News, Gaming, Whatever, and anything that is taught in school grades k-12 should be system subs. Other than that, you're going to get into v/feminist being a system sub, and nobody needs that.


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What is a system sub?


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A system sub is a subverse which is owed by @system. They are considered to be owned by the voat community as a whole. They are the sacrosanct free speech subs. Bans and deletions in a system sub can cause an all out voat civil war.


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Well that didn't take long.


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The voat immune system kicks in to reject a cross matched organ transplant.

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