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Look at some of the longer-lasting sites out there and you'll find some intelligent mods who will let you speak your mind about social issues without deleting your comments or banning you, as long as you're not a total white supremacist. Not naming names, but you can usually "educate" some of the delusional 14 year old's and not get some asshole mod banning you because they're intelligent enough to understand that calling black people out on their shit isn't necessarily hate speech.

Then you have reddit, where the mods think you're a Klan member for saying black people need to sort their own problems out or dress better. Say anything about them and you're gone. Same for Facebook. They're ruining themselves with the censorship horseshit. If you have money in that site, get it out NOW. It's about to become Myspace.

There is a fucking good reason people voted for Trump. Libs have lost their minds. They don't care about minorities or women. They only care about promoting their fucked up Communist agenda/total government control scheme. Other countries have done this before. It DOESN'T FUCKING WORK. GET OVER IT.


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It's not even about communism

It kind of looks like it, but really, it's mostly about securing a voter base by any possible means

Those people are self serving corporate whores, pompous fucks parading as social issues concerned cunts, advocating for open borders and minimum wages and equality and shit while living in gated communities and hoarding hundred of thousands if not millions on their bank accounts

And yes they happen to pander to all the leftarded brands available out there, mostly because their stock in trade is "anything the right isn't selling already"