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That's the problem with reddit though.

It's designed to make it nearly impossible to see the censorship.

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Caps was the correct choice


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The fucking caps are worth it but yeah I left Reddit two years ago when I found out that Roland of Gilead in the Gunslinger series was going to be played by a nigger in the kike-faggot-fest movie. I said something similar to my current comment I just made and my six year old account was shadowbanned site wide. It took me a little while to figure it out but when I did I ended up on some sub called Reddit replacement. I saw on there. I was called a faggot when I first showed up and it actually hurt my feelings and then I was so happy that my feelings were hurt and nobody stopped it. I posted all sorts of negative shit all over the place and all sorts of people liked it it was amazing.


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T_D knows all about the censorship. It wasn't about the entertainment, everything on the front page is fake and we knew you could pay Reddit to get a thread on the front page for like $150 because someone screen capped the conversation.

It's actually pretty fun to argue with liberals and shareblue all day, knowing that all they have is you're a rascist or you're a bigot! the point is not to convince them, it's to make the other people watching to think about the message that for the most part regular people did not agree with which is why voter turn out was so shit for them despite the MSM shrieking that we were literally electing the next Hitler.


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They banned r/niggers like 3 years ago.


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I became disillusioned with them when they stopped showing actual vote tallies up and down. Instead of finding a way to deal with bots, shills, trolls or brigading, they just made the entire vote system opaque. As though we should just trust them.


[–] Puttitout_Is_Fat 5 points -5 points (+0|-5) ago 

but you do not see the blatant censorship, manipulation, and lies by @Puttitout?

New Voaters, please be aware of this information. 10 months ago, the admins of Voat were replaced by a criminal SJW cabal, most likely the same cabal from reddit's SRS / the shills that took over reddit. they returned after a month and 2 months, entirely different people. Since then, Atko stopped coding and recently quit. Since then Puttitout and Fuzzywords openly autistic militant sjw tranny (and see fuzzywords and puttitout only major coders on voat past year until it went closed source a few months ago) have been hard at work adding in censorship and behavioral restrictions into voat, banning the shit out of users in secret courts with secret rules with secret judges with no warning and no appeal system, and the new shill CEO is hard at work lying to the user base manually manipulating users' ccp and worse Voat is 100% compromised and replacements are in the works by real voat goats.


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It is the most insidious aspect of reddit.


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Thanks for what you do...