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Let's take a look at what our new friends are like why don't we?

Redditor Ohsnapyougotserved, Jew mod of T_D on reddit who instated the "No racism. No anti-semitism." rule you can see in their sidebar, is now /u/ohsnapyougotserved here on Voat, and the founder and moderator of /v/ThePedes. WELCOME SHLOMO! And Mazel Tov on your continued reign of control over your horde of useful idiots! Voat loves Zionist power mods. You'll fit right in!

5 minutes after making his account, user /u/DonaldTrump_45 goes on established sub /v/TheDonald, modded by veteran Voater /u/Arotaes_Forgehammer, and makes a post telling everyone that it's not the real Trump subverse and they need to go to /v/thepedes instead: https://voat.co/v/TheDonald/1869015 No posts or comments before or since. Just dropping in to let all you people who have been on Voat for years what's official and what's not. :) Thank him later. He's a busy man.

Shitposting low IQ dummy /u/fffhh, who's already achieved -18 CCP just by being his charming self, openly encouraging shitting up Voat with meaningless garbage https://voat.co/v/ThePedes/1868473/9155005/10#9155005, bringing out that good old fashioned, condescending, WACISM concern trolling we all remember so fondly from reddit https://voat.co/v/ThePedes/1868653/9155645/10#9155645 and generally just being the kind worthless retard who made reddit the special place that it is https://voat.co/v/ThePedes/1868473/9155521/10#9155521

/u/Zannyth, a user with the IQ of the average youtube commenter (lol what's with these CCP rules? It's like they're designed to stop brigading by idiots like me.. LOL WTF XDDDD???? https://voat.co/v/ThePedes/1869019/9158015/10#9158015 ) saying that Zionist T_D mod Ohsnapyougotserved "always seemed to lead TD right though", and proclaiming that our new friends have no obligation to respect Voat and its existing culture https://voat.co/v/ThePedes/1869019/9157732/10#9157732

/u/la_couleur_du_ble - "opposing zionism? Not on my watch! FUCK YOU!!! GROUP THINK FTW!" https://voat.co/v/ThePedes/1869279/9157502/10#9157502

And /u/lostinsafespace, a 1 year old account with no activity until today, openly gloating about how /v/ThePedes will now destroy and replace genuine Voat culture and there's nothing actual Voaters can do about it: https://voat.co/v/ThePedes/1869019/9158886 every other one of his comments is him accusing actual voaters of being "the real invaders", typical jew tactics, etc..

It's a tsunami of cancer.

Edit: If I had to guess, I would say this was timed to simultaneously distract both Reddit T_D, and all of Voat, from the Seth Rich story.

Edit: Archives courtesy of /u/collegetoker


http://archive.is/lPYdX lostinsafespace

http://archive.is/1hs4r fffhh



http://archive.is/c1HNk Zannyth


http://archive.is/22iyn la_couleur_du_ble


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Wow. This is fucking incredible. Kudos on the great work. Hahaha it just kept getting better as I made my way down the list

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Great work! Do you have AVE? You can tag users via AVE to distinguish them from older goats. I'm trying to think of a tag to apply to some of these guys. Pede-os might be fitting. There's also Lla26 who can't wait to be able to "report", "ban", and "kick out" users who say "abusive" things.

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OOOH I got the perfect tag!


archive for your link


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can I have a link to an AVE download

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The_Donald has always been cancerous; it's literally a circlejerk: they don't allow any criticism of Trump in any way or form.

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Yup. Fuckers lover their safe spaces.

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That's the problem with reddit though.

It's designed to make it nearly impossible to see the censorship.

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Whoops all caps, but too lazy to correct it.

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Caps was the correct choice

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The fucking caps are worth it but yeah I left Reddit two years ago when I found out that Roland of Gilead in the Gunslinger series was going to be played by a nigger in the kike-faggot-fest movie. I said something similar to my current comment I just made and my six year old account was shadowbanned site wide. It took me a little while to figure it out but when I did I ended up on some sub called Reddit replacement. I saw voat.co on there. I was called a faggot when I first showed up and it actually hurt my feelings and then I was so happy that my feelings were hurt and nobody stopped it. I posted all sorts of negative shit all over the place and all sorts of people liked it it was amazing.

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T_D knows all about the censorship. It wasn't about the entertainment, everything on the front page is fake and we knew you could pay Reddit to get a thread on the front page for like $150 because someone screen capped the conversation.

It's actually pretty fun to argue with liberals and shareblue all day, knowing that all they have is you're a rascist or you're a bigot! the point is not to convince them, it's to make the other people watching to think about the message that for the most part regular people did not agree with which is why voter turn out was so shit for them despite the MSM shrieking that we were literally electing the next Hitler.

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They banned r/niggers like 3 years ago.

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I became disillusioned with them when they stopped showing actual vote tallies up and down. Instead of finding a way to deal with bots, shills, trolls or brigading, they just made the entire vote system opaque. As though we should just trust them.

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It is the most insidious aspect of reddit.

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Thanks for what you do...

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Literal lol just now

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I had a hearty chuckle right here

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How about a sensible chuckle

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We don't lol here, we kek.

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That's exactly what we're trying to avoid, edgy memy high school shit

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Had an account here over a year ago and used to lurk a lot but completely forgot about Voat until today. Just started browsing all the other subverses and they seem so much better, can't say I'll be visiting /v/ThePedes that much if it stays the way it is.

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I tend to give new Redfugee verses a couple days to settle down before making a judgement. The upheaval usually makes things seem worse, then when things settle down, everyone moves on from talking about the hows and whys and the actually contributing starts.

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Voat has definitely improved in the past couple years

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I'm in the same spot. I don't really use my home PC, I just use my phone most of the time and the thing that was stopping me was a decent mobile app. Boats for Voat seems to be alright.

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Look at some of the longer-lasting sites out there and you'll find some intelligent mods who will let you speak your mind about social issues without deleting your comments or banning you, as long as you're not a total white supremacist. Not naming names, but you can usually "educate" some of the delusional 14 year old's and not get some asshole mod banning you because they're intelligent enough to understand that calling black people out on their shit isn't necessarily hate speech.

Then you have reddit, where the mods think you're a Klan member for saying black people need to sort their own problems out or dress better. Say anything about them and you're gone. Same for Facebook. They're ruining themselves with the censorship horseshit. If you have money in that site, get it out NOW. It's about to become Myspace.

There is a fucking good reason people voted for Trump. Libs have lost their minds. They don't care about minorities or women. They only care about promoting their fucked up Communist agenda/total government control scheme. Other countries have done this before. It DOESN'T FUCKING WORK. GET OVER IT.

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It's not even about communism

It kind of looks like it, but really, it's mostly about securing a voter base by any possible means

Those people are self serving corporate whores, pompous fucks parading as social issues concerned cunts, advocating for open borders and minimum wages and equality and shit while living in gated communities and hoarding hundred of thousands if not millions on their bank accounts

And yes they happen to pander to all the leftarded brands available out there, mostly because their stock in trade is "anything the right isn't selling already"

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so much this, they want to import beaners so they can get easy votes and a cheap as dirt workforce.

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This. Fuck Jewitt.

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im being a total faggot on this site and no one can stop me

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At least here, you won't see wave upon wave of deleted comments. We might downvoat you in to oblivion, but you won't get shadowbanned or censored.

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Shadow banning is the jewiest thing that someone can do to another person.

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