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Very interesting, I'll have to remember that one. I'm personally less interested in power and more interested in truth (while there does exist an interplay between the two, especially depending on how one defines power), but it works either way.

Really cool. I'm thinking of many wise people who have basically said the same thing, that could be embodied in that powerful visualization.

Edit: oh wow... I actually visualized your words and then thought you said them. Either way, good stuff.

As I read, "Knowledge is power, and when you speak without thinking, you're giving someone else knowledge about yourself and gaining nothing. That is to say, you give away your power every time you open your mouth, and the people around you become stronger." I instinctually visualized a person spewing out their spirit and others sucking it in. So in speaking, it was advantageous to speak only as truthfully, reflective and brief as possible, as to not allow your spirit to be sucked in by others, and only exert the spirit that is excess created through reflection and knowledge.

That's a testament to your words and me being deep in studying symbolism, metaphors, etc. I see them everywhere now, haha. Not as easy and concise as Mr. Smith effect, so I'll need to hone that sentiment into a better and easier visualization. (I'm very certain there are ones floating out there.)


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I think actually what you are imagining is... Perhaps not the "opposite" of what I meant, but it lies perpendicular to what I was saying. This is more what I was getting at (with accompanying visual). Being a loser or clueless is easy, because it comes from a misunderstanding of the Rules of the Game and a desire to do well. "Sociopath" sounds negative, but it's as negative as what you do with it.

Even if you only ever tell the unvarnished truth, there's still a great deal of power in keeping that truth mostly to yourself until it's necessary and selectively giving it out. In fact, if you only ever tell the truth, what you don't say becomes way more powerful in other people's minds because they know you only speak the truth, so what you don't say means as much (to them) as what you say.

Essentially the idea is that the more you define yourself verbally, the less of an unknown quantity you are, and the less they feel the need to think about/consider you. If you're by and large an unknown quantity, they'll deliberate over how to approach you over something for a long time, and by virtue of them thinking about you, you become important to them. They'll make up their own reason for why you're important in their head, but that doesn't matter to you. What matters to you is how they treat you, which will be with respect and caution.

It sounds like you and I are a bit opposites. I have a very concrete, literal worldview, which has only recently begun to open up to the non-physical (which even then I loop my head around and convince myself that we live within the spiritual realm to justify how so little makes sense when modeled in a physical world; we don't exist there, so of course things don't make sense if you assume that's where we are). You seem to have a very imaginative, visual mind, quite unlike my own.


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Oh, I am definitely a loser who knows the game, just refuse to play it to a certain degree. I know a snake when I see one and would kill it if the system allowed me to. The game we play is as much a part of the system as it is with nature. It artificially takes away other risks that sociopaths would have in nature.

You analyzed me pretty well at the end. I have an imaginary mind and make sense of the world through robust fictional literature mostly. Without it, I'd be a clueless - like I was and still am to some degree.

I have very little ambition for monetary success. But I am not a lazy person or a dumb person. I probably most excel in a natural hierarchical system such as a military, but left that as the military is pozed beyond belief, and it was too much pointless work.

I do believe in God aswell, so that is big piece.

Sociopaths who focus on will to power aren't inherently bad. I say it's probably better to work for a sociopath that is on voat than a sjw sociopath... or just get out of corporate world completely and go small business route (which is always being eaten up by carnivorace large businesses due to regulatory factors past economics for scale)