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This might bring out the Mr. Smith in some of you, but I believe they were "encouraged" to do this to subvert the red-pilled culture they created.


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Yeah, I could see that.

A bigger source of proof in either direction would be looking at the red-pill quality of their statements and films before the movie came out (a selection which seems to largely consist of the movie Bound {their other movie before The Matrix apparently had another writer come in and remove all the subtext and visual metaphors, so they tried to remove their names from the project}, and a few comic book stories written by Laurence "Larry" Wachowski when he was in his 30s, notably 3 series for Clive Barker IPs like Hellraiser, Nightbreed, and Book of the Damned, and Andrew Paul "Andy" Wachowski also working with him on "Ectokid"). They also reportedly played Metal Gear Solid immediately after wrapping up work on The Matrix, and that can be viewed as having a few red pills in and of itself.

If they were red-pilled back in the '90s, then they underwent some extreme "re-education" to turn them both into chicks when they were in their 40s or 50s. If they were still blue-pilled, then they just got swept along with the next few states of brainwashing as the systems for controlling the pedophiles started showing their cracks behind closed doors and the elite moved to their plan B of "make pedophilia acceptable by adjusting the public's Overton window for sexual preferences" (with the people who called them out early on being ridiculed because it seemed so extreme at the time).


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I don't know why that'd be hard to believe. To me that's the only logical conclusion. Really? Both of them are trannies? Pure coincidence? Bullshit, I ain't tumblr and hairdye ain't killed my brain yet.