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[–] Professor_de_la_Paz 1 points 22 points (+23|-1) ago 

Agent Smith, but I get the point.


[–] freethrowup 0 points 5 points (+5|-0) ago 

I thought it was going to be a "Mr Smith Goes to Washington" thing... lol


[–] Professor_de_la_Paz 0 points 3 points (+3|-0) ago 

You must be my age, because that was what I thought, too.


[–] SaneGoatiSwear 13 points -7 points (+6|-13) ago  (edited ago)

Well then, let's test this theory. the group controlling the @Puttitout account are SJW takeover mods for SRS. They've put behavioral restrictions, censorship, and a chilling effect on voat. they lie to your face and will ban you if you upvoat this truth.

those faggot niggers killed free speech on voat. they couldn't handle the free speech. they had to ban the fake me (probably totes) in any case, just goes to show, sjws want silence any way they can get it. they get bans and weaponized -ccp and -scp on voat. on gab it's the mute button.

see those downvoats? agent smith effect. the @puttitout and sjw cabal censorship of voat is real.


[–] Trash_Panda [S] 0 points 12 points (+12|-0) ago  (edited ago)

You all witnessed this moment, my post has been officially ordained by @SaneGoatiSwear and I am now your God.


[–] Samsquamch 0 points 1 points (+1|-0) ago 

Hey bro, come back to us. The dark side is calling out to you


[–] MightyYetGentle1488 5 points -5 points (+0|-5) ago 

Man some shady shit went down recently, im sure SoS let you know on Gab. Hey, how many penguine dicks do i have to suck to get you to come to our discord? (text only)

It will be your batcave.