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Load. Of. Bullshit.

The companies want control. They want control over everything you do on a computer and they want you to pay them to do it. They don't want you to own your own hardware, unless they control it and you just pay for it. They don't want you to have alternatives to software, and they want excellent security - unless the intrusion is from them or one of their "partners" in which case they want you to have no defense whatsoever. Plus, they want to be able to push their influence even further, such as blocking out "fake news" for you, if they deem something to be "fake news" (your opinion having no sway in this matter). Piracy or not, they would move to this model both to increase revenue and to increase influence. Some just cower behind "piracy" as an excuse, never you mind that a good chunk of the reason Microsoft is in a position to do this in the first place is due to the rampant mass piracy of MS-DOS in the 1980s-90s.

This is all aside from the fact that copyright overreach is out of control and doing severe damage to culture, innovation and technological progress. (And lest you start up the "you wouldn't work for free, would you" straw man, you're probably running a good bit of software that was written on a volunteer basis just to access this web site; however, properly crushing that cliche, loaded question would be a post in and of itself). At this point, piracy is arguably an act of legitimate civil disobedience; these people are trying to use their position to erode our property rights, freedom of speech, and put themselves in a position where they can push more and more of their crap and bleed us dry in fees to do it.

At this point, copyright isn't just a net public burden, which is what it was after it went far beyond the original intended scope ("time limited" my ass, forever and a day isn't time limited). It's outright dangerous, just as all this other software that needlessly tethers itself to companies that will ultimately own everything you do on a computer and can take anything they want and stop anything they dislike essentially at will.


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I bet you hate Don Gall too, you meanie.