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That is bullshit.


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This is their reaction to the torrenting of their products. It makes perfect sense from the perspective of a business, and yet as a non-customer, you should not worry.

There are people out there that may find away to get the software for free, or if not, you have access to their old software for free via torrents, and they will provide enough power, to do what you need done. If you require adobe's new products, chances are you are making money from the software's use, in which case, you should purchase a license so the content you create is valid, and legal for commercial sale.

Freeware users need not worry. And if adobe can allow themselves to recoup the research costs by selling licences, we will see MORE technical innovations from adobe because they will make enough profit to grow as a business. These innovations will eventually make their way to freeware products or will become cheaper with time.


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Load of crap. I'm not going to repeat my earlier statement, but, I'll summarize. Companies want control and a constant money stream without bothering to improve the product. Piracy is just the issue that they cower behind, while they continue to grossly distort and abuse copyright law, to the detriment of all in many spheres of society (see: John Deere tractors, and that's just the start).

At a certain point, piracy is almost, if not outright, an act of civil disobedience. I think we may have passed that point a few years ago, and if we haven't passed it already, we're certainly close.