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You missed this one.

I Ss1 hour ago I really want to read the Bible now. It may be fictional, but I guess it worked well for hundreds of years at preventing society from becoming... this...

It's my favorite, because I've been making that argument for years.


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Look at Japan and how they managed without religion. (They imported some Buddhism because one of their emperors wanted to, but basically nobody there cares for it.)

You don't need delusions to prevent your society from becoming degenerates.

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If you think using Japan as an example of a society that is free of religion and Degeneracy is a good idea, you might want to take a break from the internet.


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Japan has Shinto. Few people are very devout, but practically everybody honors its values and keeps its customs.


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Well this works for Japan largely due to the fact that it is a homogeneous nation of like minded individuals​ and they believe in the community at large (on another note if you do not follow the "religion of societal pressures" or are mentally retarded and defective you are a shutout and live in your room most of your life or just commit suicide which Japan of the highest rates in the world).

So if I understand this correctly you're saying that simple minded minorities should be stomped out of existence and one race of like-minded individuals should prevail?


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Is that an argument for or against Christianity?


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dude, sit the fuck down with that creationist shit. Read the lives of the Saints. Understanding religion requires an ontological shift of your BEING. When understood correctly religion is pre-conscious representation of correct ACTION that brings about the greatest possible transformation in yourself and those around you. The best access to these ideas for moderns I've found is Maurice Nicoll's book The New Man. He says "The central conception of Man in the gospels is that he is an unfinished creation capable of reaching a higher level by a definite evolution which must begin by his own efforts."


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There are creatures that reproduce and mutate fast enough to literally watch evolution happen.


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Evolution: Still a Theory in Crisis - Michael Denton

Can you tell me how evolution is a 'theory in crisis'?