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So many highs, so many lows. This is truly an epic for the sagas.

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I could see Ben Stiller starring in the film.

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LOL!!!!!!!!! THANKS!! LOL!!!

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I...um...Yep I read that, not much more to say.

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old college try not new college try

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That is the old college try. The new college try is to assault people.

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Shit, mah homie Jamal gots fibe to ten years fo' colleging someone half to death for they cell-phone.

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I was in college in the 80s. We were trying to drink as much as we could and get laid. .... and sometimes trying to study. I can't imagine wimpering and rioting are fun.

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Possibly a centrist or even a conservative Asian? Interesting.

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I used to follow him on Twitter. He's probably best described as an anti-SJW centrist. I started following him during #GamerGate.

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Very cool. If it's like that, I finally found a public figure I have common ideologies with (feels rare). Will have to add him to my feed. Thanks.

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More asians were killed by leftist ideologies than any other race. Not all of them are leftys. Many are conservative and care about their race. More rigid social structure too . Also the level of emotional weakness and childish acting seen by American college students is seen as disgusting to them. I don't blame them.