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If it wasn't for (((MSM))) The fuckups wouldn't think being black meant being criminally cool.

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Gaz... you really think it's the media's fault for glorifying crime that makes niggers commit crime? ....brother, you know better than that.

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Ha no of course not. They do every thing to encourage it though. Those kids aspire to it like a status symbol worth dying for because they're idiots. The government has been throwing every resource into getting preferential treatment for blacks and I'm willing to believe it's only American blacks who live in the burbs and already have as much or more than the white family down the street who get the scholarships and the hiring preference. City niggers are too busy buying into the manipulation of hollywood.

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Slavery was the worst idea anyone ever had by far, look at the fallout

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Worst idea the jews ever had.

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Another nigger kills an elderly black man for acting white. Feminists claim he was being oppressed by the black man's MAGA hat, and should be released from custody, so help us Obama...

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You mean "lamestream media"? Whitewashing nigger actions since forever.

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No it wouldn't. Not everybody is a racist. Some of us can understand that socioeconomics plays a pretty heavy role in how people behave. Any white man who has ever been poor and meditated on slaughtering some rich fuck and taking all his shit knows that crime is mostly about poverty. Well violent crime. Rich people commit crimes all the time too. They just do it by creating laws to make their fucking bullshit legal.

We have passed the age where law and right are the same thing.

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Lamestream media. Whitewashing nigger actions since forever.

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When did this shit start? I've never seen the msm report on crime and associate it with niggers. Why not?

It's so fucking obvious.

Why is nigger crime being censored?

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Because it's racist for you to inform yourself with statistics, facts or evidence of overwhelming proportions.

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The act has been so gradual no one even noticed. Years ago you'd read the description "two black males between 20 and 30 years old, medium build, dark eyes, dark hair…….which is most of them, now there is not even a description. Its not like we don't know niggers probably did it, like most armed robberies, most rapes, most gun crime.